Umm You got It Backwards

From Protest Easy Guns

Easier for a killer to buy a gun in Washington State than to buy a Big Gulp in New York.

They’re not outraged that Dictator Bloomberg is banning soda, they just wish they’d ban guns TOO!

Remember: Anti-Freedom, NOT Anti-gun!

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  1. North says:

    If New Your bans a certain cup size, I’ll just do a New York Reload with another medium gulp…

  2. “It’s tragically frustrating that people who are extremely dangerous have access to firearms and we have few resources to control or limit their behavior,” said City Councilman Tom Rasmussen. “We end up chasing after, cleaning up the mess and comforting the families.”

    You know what I find tragically frustrating…it isn’t the “extremely dangerous” they are trying to keep firearms from. It’s the law advising people they handcuff and force to be at the mercy of the extremely dangerous. How many times do we have to go over this people??

  3. Bob S. says:

    And the Big Gulp isn’t any more responsible for a person being overweight then a firearm is responsible for a person being shot.

    It is amazing the people of New York put up with being treated like mindless drones. I mean come on, not all of them can work for the government, RIGHT?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Oh yeah. I knew a girl in high school who was both Vegetarian and overweight.

      She ate nothing but veggies and beans….some of them deep-fried, and didn’t exercise. That makes you fat.

      meanwhile in California when they were working to ban fast-food this bodybuilder protested by eating NOTHING but fast-food.

      Just look at him! You lift a LOT of weights, and do a lot of exercise you need a LOT of calories to support your body, and while there may be better choices than fast-food burgers, if done right you can be VERY healthy.

      Hell just look at fad diets. People WANT to be able to eat some magic food and be fit and thin… never works.

      I’ve lost about 3″ on my waistline and dropped about 15lbs (dunno on the numbers on the wife, but she just dug some old clothes she hasn’t fit in since her surgery recently) since January. I’ve been eating the same food, just less of it, and I’ve been lifting weights and doing cardio more.

      Like everything its just hard work to get anything done. Doesn’t matter what the laws are, ban big sodas, lazy people will still get fat!

  4. Cargosquid says:

    This is just another example of progressives blaming THINGS instead of people.

    Guns no more kill people than 64oz sodas make me fat.

    They refuse to accept that its the PEOPLE making choices that cause the outcomes.

  5. me says:

    Jeez. Am I allowed to get a Big Gulp if it’s diet soda, or did they ban that too?

    You’d think that the people in charge in a city as violent and dangerous as Fun City would have a sense of proportion, a sense of priorities, a-

    I can’t take it anymore, a hahahahahahahaha.

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