Cool Gun!

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5 Responses to UTS-15

  1. Alan says:

    Interesting. How long before the ATF bans the import of that one.

  2. Farm.Dad says:

    Kinda like a KSG … except it works .

  3. Bobby says:

    I was in a shotgun one-day course with about 12 others in late October. Numerous 870’s, several 590’s, two Benellis … and one UTS.

    The brand new UTS completely shit the bed all day long. Failure to fires about as frequently as actually firing. By the end of the day, the fore end broke completely off.

    He sent the shotgun back to UTS & was told they would send him a brand new shotgun.

    When he receieved the shotgun , not only was it USED it was STILL DIRTY from the last person who shot it

    NOT recommended!!

  4. Braden Lynch says:

    On the side note, consider that this firearm is made in Turkey. Turkey perpetrated the Armenian genocide and to this day refuses to own up to it and is a NATO partner that could be argued to be so in name only as their allegiances are changing away from the West. I do not want to support them in the slightest.

    To avoid accusations of hypocrisy, what about Germany and their H&K or Walther firearms, or the Italians and their Berettas? Well, they paid the price for fascism by getting trounced in WWII and have recognized their wrongs. So, my argument still holds.

  5. Against the Grain says:

    Yes, I looked further and the bad reviews definitely outweighed the good ones. Sorry about that recommendation. I did see a vid where the guy claimed they had fixed the issues now, but it wasn’t extensive at all, just him dumping the mags with no malfunctions. Still, not enough evidence to prove it’s worth. I should have looked into that one deeply before recommending it.

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