Well That Could Have Gone Better

Technically YASD, but still I was up against it!
Dumplog here from the Nethack Alt.org Server

For those who care, I had about 8 pets that had all starved or been murdered, so I was alone, collecting much-needed food in Sokoban. This owlbear had grabbed me, and my health was running dangerously low.

I made a bad choice by killing him with a bolt of fire. The bolt bounced and hit me….I survived that. But my potions of Gain Ability, and Potion of Gain Level (seriously! Now that’s just cruel!) boiled and exploded and THAT killed me!

I should have used the wand of sleep to knock him out and kill the bastard while he snored.

Oh well, this is what makes the game the greatest!

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  1. Ever looked much at Dwarf Fortress? It is awesome for the same reasons, though there is way, way too much depth.

    For a taste of what can happen, I recommend reading the saga of Boatmurdered.

    Disclaimer: I am nowhere near good enough to ever play Dwarf Fortress.

  2. Robert Hewes says:

    How does that work? Are you playing Nethack online or something?

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