Thank God We Didn’t Elect Romney

So on the Squirrel Report I was just about to make a point about Mitt Romney, when Skype went all wonky.

I’ll put it here. First go read this post.

Obama dropped the whole “AKs belong on the battlefield not on the streets” bit while on the campaign trail, and the gun bloggers said that Romney may have won the race…until Romney said this:

Mitt Romney said today he believes new gun legislation is unnecessary and defended an assault-weapons ban he signed into law as Massachusetts governor…As Massachusetts governor in 2004, Romney signed into law an assault weapons ban that was backed by gun owners and gun control advocates. The Massachusetts law banned the AR-15, one of the weapons that police say was used inside the Colorado theater on Friday.

Romney loves gun bans as much as Obama does. The only difference is that if he was President today he’d be leading the charge for gun bans rather than Joe Biden.

Which do you think we have a better chance with?

OK I’m off to bed!

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4 Responses to Thank God We Didn’t Elect Romney

  1. Ratus says:

    Thanks, Weer’d.

    I did one more poster after the show for Breda.

  2. JD says:

    Either way we are in deep shit. Republicans and Democrats have become one and the same. The trick now is to keep our rights and our Constitution without a civil war starting that no sane person wants. . . But does DC have enough sane folks to see that or are they all too busy in there own power grabs? We will see. . . .

  3. Tinfoil Hat says:

    I think that the Democrat party has a long-term strategy in place to poison any potential Republican candidate long before the primaries.

    I think that Romney, while he was governor of Massachusetts, was identified as a possible President, and they therefore redoubled their efforts to pass Romneycare, and the Massachusetts assault weapons ban, just to tarnish his conservative credibility.

    If you look at the nuts and bolts of what he signed, and why, and who supported it, you will find that his so-called assault weapons ban actually prevented things from getting worse in Mass. It had to do with the expiration of the federal ban, and how that opened up the state to ban any arbitrary list of guns on a whim. He signed it, helped the gun owners in that state, and gave the Dems a talking point to beat him over the head with, or whisper in fear behind his back, whichever would work better.

    I think if he had been able to get some cover from NRA or somebody over that single bill, he might have gotten another two mission votes and won the election. As it is, fewer republicans voted for him than voted for McCain four years earlier.

    Look around you – do you see any credible conservative candidate (like Christie) who could run for president, who doesn’t have vulnerabilities on the second amendment, or taxes, or some other conservative hot-button issue? Just you wait, and watch – they are going to try to smear Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan with something before they get to the primaries. And their fellow travelers in the media will be ready with the trick questions and negative insinuations for every interview.

    At some point, you need to swallow your vomit, and vote for the guy who got nominated. Think of it this way: when your heart-attack happens, do you want to call a second-rate doctor, or a first-rate mugger?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I think you have a little too much faith in Massachusetts politics. The common man here does not see freedom as a good thing, and our representation overall reflects that.

      Same goes for the representation of New Jersey, when you call Chris Christie a “Conservative”. I think your calibration may be a bit off.

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