Quick Joan Fisk

So I’m planning a bigger fisk on one of Joan’s posts. Look forward to that in the near future. Still this most recent one is so insane I have to dive into it!

It is unimaginable that in a country that claims to care so much about health and safety, so many kids have access to guns. And when kids have access to guns, bad things often happen. Yes, parents take their teens and 11/12 year olds hunting. That is with supervision, hopefully, and a gun safety course or two. I live in Minnesota. It’s a hunting state. I grew up around hunting guns and in a hunting family. I get that. I was taught to shoot a hunting gun but didn’t particularly care for it. There were few handguns around in homes. Our gun culture has changed from guns being used mostly for shooting sports and hunting to now guns being stockpiled for protection against ? and to use against their own government in a supposed insurrection. Crazy right?

Ahh, anti’s still clinging to “Gun Culture 1.0” Where revisionist history has George Washington crossing the Delaware River to get to his duck blind! Yep the only thing the founding fathers were concerned about was the right to shoot deer and ducks!

Also while keeping guns in the event that the Government (like King George’s Government) turns against the people is NOT crazy, and rather reasonable, especially given that said gun owners are staging peaceful protests, petitioning the government, fighting laws through legislative action and the courts, and simply teaching new shooters the joys and facts of firearms. They are NOT staging a full-on guerrilla war. As dysfunctional as you may think the current government is, it still works better than heading for the hills with your rifles and IEDs. Of course Joan speaks as if the civil war is already on, because that fiction is more useful than the truth.

Some parents actually give their very young children guns of their own, made by the clever gun manufacturers for children. The child-sized “assault” rifle for example. This video mocks the actual product. But it’s for real. You may remember when this little Kentucky boy got his very own assault rifle as a gift and shot his sister with it. She really is not in a better place no matter what her family says. Guns are not for kids.

Of course the killing in Kentucky is a sad story, it’s also a national story for how rare and bizarre it is. No matter what Joan says lots of young children get guns of their own with no negative effect, and LOTS of positive effects.

Also from the Kentucky story, what Joan calls an “Assault Rifle” is a Cricket rifle. Yes, now a single-shot, rimfire bolt action rifle with an automatic safety is an “Assault rifle”. Outside of MAYBE a muzzle loader this is literately the FURTHEST thing from the much maligned “Assault Weapons” in the 1994 Federal law, and it shows that the antis will call ANYTHING an assault weapon, and demand their confiscation!

Getting assault weapons and high-capacity magazines out of circulation.

Note that Joan’s group isn’t trying to restrict the sale, manufacture, or acquisition of so-called “Assault Weapons” but “Get them out of circulation” implying that they want to target getting them out of the hands of people entirely. Given that a cricket is now an “Assault Weapon” this means banning ALL GUNS.

In some undeveloped countries children are forced against their will to become citizen soldiers. Remember the movie Blood Diamond? Tragic to say the least. That is not America- is it?

No it’s not! Who’s forcing children into conscription? NOBODY! Still Joan WISHES this was true. How sick is that?

I could, of course, write volumes about kids and access to guns. I have written a lot of words on the topic as have the many others of us who are just asking for some common sense. For a while I contributed to the Kid Shootings blog but those of us writing couldn’t keep up with the volume of shooting incidents of and by kids.

From her own sidebar:
KidShooting Inaction

Yep there are just so many incidents where kids are getting shot that Joan and Jason’s little side blog has been ABANDONED! Yeah, BULLSHIT!

Still this quote really shows what Joan wants!

Notice that the recommendation doesn’t call for parents to simply lock up their guns. It stresses that the weapons need to be taken out of the house.

She also prattles about “Safe Storage Laws” (which BTW are illegal under federal law per the rulings in Heller and McDonald) which require EVERYBODY to lock up guns, even when no children are present.

So yeah, really she just wants total disarmament and confiscation of all guns.

This is “Common Sense”.

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6 Responses to Quick Joan Fisk

  1. Ratus says:

    So now one is “High Capacity”?

  2. Thirdpower says:

    They could update their blog almost daily w/ all the ‘kid shootings’ in Chicago. Unfortunately it would be 99% gang bangers out doing their thing.

  3. Stuart the Viking says:

    I suspect that, once again, Joan is being willfully ignorant. I have been around hunting families my whole life, and while the rifles tend to be on display, there has almost always been at least one handgun also (and quite often more than one).

    From what she said about being taught about “shooting hunting guns” but not liking it, she may have been purposely kept in the dark because they didn’t want to have to listen to her crap.

    A friend of mine had an Auntie who was like that. As far as she ever knew, nobody had any guns. In spite of that, the family typically carried enough armament to fight a small war. His beloved Auntie continued to be blissfully ignorant (and incredibly well protected) until she died of a stroke a few years ago (and no Joan, guns had nothing to do with the stroke… geesh!).


    • Weerd Beard says:

      I’m sure that IS the case when she says “Everybody at my Church HATES Guns and wants ‘Common Sense’ Gun Laws!” Something tells me there are a few wacky “Progressives” in her Church who agree with her, but I bet a LOT more are people who know she’s an obnoxious blowhard, and calling her out on her shit in Church is just rude…

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