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I HATE this

I generally wouldn’t use the lunatics at The View as an example of people in general, tho I’m hearing sentiments like from many people from a large spectrum of political views. First up, FUCK YOU! The TSA has done NOTHING … Continue reading

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Cueball shared this picture with me. You’ll note no reference to actually defending yourself. Just puke on yourself. Obviously because if she had a gun the attacker would just take it away and kill her. Yep. Why don’t these assholes … Continue reading

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Relaxing Day

Still in my PJs, doing laundry and listening to Podcasts. Eric Shelton never disappoints, and I missed Friday’s Vicious Circle. Also I’ll point out that Linoge has a great post up on the aging stock of the Anti-gun political movement. … Continue reading

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Junk on the Bunk

As you may remember a piece back I upped for a life membership for the Second Amendment Foundation. But I was VERY suprised when I got this care package with my Life Member plaque. Most Activist groups will give you … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Toaster Control

Here’s an interesting article sent to me by reader “CB”. The number of toaster related deaths in the world this past year was 45. This is up 12 from last year, and up 15 from two years ago. The number … Continue reading

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Joan Peterson of the Brady Campaign and the Joyce Foundation talks a little about Blogging. Well, I think my blog has reached a milestone. I have now had over 30,000 views on this blog since I started it in May … Continue reading

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“Gun Death?” Dangerous Men

Is the problem with violent crime the tool, or is it the people? Jasmine Sadler is being held on a murder charge after Rashad Watkins was stabbed multiple times about 10:30 a.m….Both men have criminal histories that include charges for … Continue reading

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Oatmeal Pie

I don’t remember who it was but somebody on the Gunblogger Conspiracy was interested in the Oatmeal Pie my Mom made for Thanksgiving. But here’s the recipe. This comes from a cook that is a necessity in most Maine kitchens, … Continue reading

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The Slippery Slope

I like to point out that the people who preach gun control will be the same people to preach knife control if their insidious goals are ever reached. I mean in the end what’s the difference between a gun and … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Foster Dad

Ugh, another Gut Wrencher… Joseph Charles Todd Dunn, 39, is accused of beating 20-month-old Russell Chapman in the days leading up to his death Oct. 10. After investigating the boy’s injuries, police in Henry County issued warrants this week charging … Continue reading

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