I HATE this

I generally wouldn’t use the lunatics at The View as an example of people in general, tho I’m hearing sentiments like from many people from a large spectrum of political views.

First up, FUCK YOU! The TSA has done NOTHING to keep us safe, or make air travel safer. They cost us massive amounts of money and make air travel miserable for NOTHING.

Second even if they did have even a few successes to justify their disgusting existence, they’re still horrible violations of the 4th Amendment.

Or Enemy is not in fact the TSA and the authoritarian government that supports it, but the masses of sheep-like average joes who believe the bullshit about the TSA they are being fed. Make it a point when you hear somebody complaining about protesters planning on gumming up air travel by refusing to be scanned and giving the molesters a hard time when they attempt to sexually assault you simply for show.

Ask them to name some of the Terrorists the TSA has detained for law enforcement.
Ask them to name the dangerous devices they have discovered and confiscated.
Ask them to name the terrorist attacks they have foiled.

Then ask them why they aren’t mad.

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  1. Linoge says:

    It makes me sad that I used to enjoy that woman’s character on Star Trek.

    To hell with her, and to hell with anyone who would agree with her. Whoopi Goldberg has adequately proven herself to be an idiot, and a supporter of the abridgement of Constitutionally-protected rights. I have no use for people like that.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      She’s never really impressed me one way or the other in any of her roles. Now I’m a HUGE Frank Langella fan, and the fact that he bedded down with that talentless moonbat really sours me.

      But as a Conservative/Libertarian Film-buff I feel I must hold my nose when indulging in my hobby.

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