Another 5-4 Victory

Looks like Chicago has lost the Supreme Court Case against their handgun ban It also means the 2nd Amendment is now officially incorporated in the states.

This will have HUGE ramifications, just as the Heller Case (which spawned this case, as well as several others) with gun rights. One Immediate thing might be Massachusetts’ “Safe Storage” laws, which was ruled constitutional recently, but the case directly referenced state incorporation as a stipulation on that ruling. I’ll have to talk to some local lawyers to see if that means what I think it does, and by this ruling that case is now nullified.

This will also push Alan Gura forward with cases against safe handgun rosters, as well as things like Assault Weapons bans. We’re still a LONG way off from getting things straitened out here but this, like Heller is a foundation of lawmakers no longer ignoring the 2nd Amendment.

A good list can be found here

The Decision can be read in a PDF here

Also for those of you who don’t have any sympathy for the bigots who like to take away the rights of others there is a whole WORLD of Butthurt in the comments here I won’t lie, I’m happy when Marxists are sad.

I’ll defiantly have to read the decision when I get a chance, and I’ll also continue to read posts of those who are smarter than I am on it.

This is a good day.

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  1. Dixie says:

    The tears of the leftists, they strengthen me. We now have a solid point and a really long lever, let’s get to movin’ stuff. (chuckle)

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  3. Thomas says:

    Thomas points out that even if you have a CHL/CCW you can’t carry in FEDERAL BUILDINGS unless you are a licensed governmental employee, as in “licensed to be armed”…such as a U.S. Marshall.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Well this victory certainly makes those laws open to challenge.

      I dunno if we’ll ever be able to pack through the “Sterile Zone” in Airports, or in Government Buildings with their own security force.

      But Post Offices, unsecured government buildings, and public School Grounds I suspect will have their “Gun free zone” status abolished sooner rather than later.

      Of course all of these changes are measured in geological time…

      • mike w. says:

        Let’s hope the GFSZ act gets tossed. Of course it’d be hard to get standing for it (are people ever really prosecuted for it – good plaintiff’s at least?)

        That’s one law I’d bet money I’ve broken before. It’s damn near impossible not to if you’re OC’ing or carrying on a non-resident permit.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          Yeah the 1,000 foot rule is downright crazy, and impossible for anybody to follow. And in the end for what? If you want to hurt somebody its a far more serious crime than carrying in a GFZ, do you think a minor infraction will stop somebody hell-bent on a major one?

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