Awesome Cosplay

Looks like my buddy posted this video form Portcon.

Probably one of the best Cosplays (Attending a Convention in Costume, for those not in the know) I’ve seen. I mean this guy was HUGE, so he looked like Mr. T before he put all the costume on, and shaved his head. Also his costuming was DEAD ON! Right down to the Converse sneakers with his pants tucked into his tube socks.

He even talked in the rough voice the whole time…with no ill effects I could see.

Good times!

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  1. Thomas says:

    Can’t sleep. Was surfing and working and found this for your Wayzer 🙂

  2. D2k says:

    I love cosplay at cons.
    This is a friend of mine doing a gender bent Dr. Who

    This guy shows up at all the Texas cons he has several jet costumes

    Most of the skypirate gallery is pretty fantastic.

  3. Dev says:

    Always a lot of big girls and skinny dudes at a con. From the video, looks like this one was no exception. D:

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Nah, we had a BUNCH of skinny girls and big guys too. As well as people in marvelous shape. But generally if you’re into Anime, Video games, RPGs, and other such things, you spend a good deal of time on your ass. 🙂

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