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Decided to throw up another “Gun Death?” post for the day when I heard this local story:

Police tell us that a father and son have been stabbed during a home break-in. This all happened around 1 a.m. this morning in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The search is still on for the suspect.

It happened around 1 a.m. on Pearl Street. Cambridge police tell us a boy heard a noise inside his home on the first level of his duplex. The boy went down to investigate, and when he confronted the suspect, the father came down to see what was going on and a struggle ensued.

“The homeowner and son were both stabbed. The male father received multiple stab wounds,” said Sgt. John Boyle. “It’s an active investigation.”

The son was stabbed once. The victims were sent to area hospitals, and police tell us their injuries are non-life threatening and they are expected to make a full recovery.

I have no idea what the motive was, but a man broke into their house, with a KNIFE and stabbed both of them. Thankfully the wounds appear to be non-fatal. Still not only is this violent act not “Gun Death” as the anti-freedom bigots like to parrot, but it would be a GREAT time for some defensive gun violence on behalf of the father protecting his home and his son. Sorry but going toe-to-toe with a knife-wielding man at 1am is not a good place to be in.

So carry your guns, and be ever vigilant.

Oh and FYI Cambridge Massachusetts is one of the more difficult towns to get a permit to OWN a gun, and unless you know somebody important who has a connection to the chief of police, you will NOT get a carry permit as a resident. Of course this is coming from a man typing this in Cambridge carrying a gun, so that little policy makes no sense unless we realize that gun control is only there to discourage and harrass lawful people.

Be Safe people!

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  1. Blackhawk101 says:

    On that note I’d like to say that I just completed a 3 day combative pistol course with my 17 year old son (he runs a two-tone XDm in a Bladetech carbon fiber rig). This is my sons THIRD training course since he turned 17 (he has had one other intro defensive handgun course and a 2 day carbine course where he runs the AR he put together (stag lower and upper with a RRA LPK with an Aimpoint M4 comp on top).

    DOwn here in CT a lot of liberals heads have exploded that I am teaching my son “how to kill” when they find this out. I readily agree with them and explain my son is prepared to kill the people that need killing. I have zero fear my kid is going to do a Columbine- but if we get home invaded I know there is another shooter in the house that can take care of business. And for those that puh-shaw the chance of a home invasion in the last 5 years we have had a dead body dumped at the end of my street, the house next to me was invaded and this past winter we had extensive break-ins- and I live in white picket fence middle class territory.

    I take the defense of me and my loved ones seriously to include giving my loved ones the means to defend themselves if I’m not home.

    And as a final note my child is a snake on these course- his move/shoot, trigger discipline and shot placement, and safety while handling guns have brought compliments from instructors, LE’s and mil taking the classes with us. He is just chafing to hit 21 and get his CCW now.

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