Carry Your Damn Gun!

Seriously folks, To do research for stories for the “Gun Death?” category, all I need to do is type “Stabbing Death” or “Beating Death” into google news, and there, a week’s worth of posts DONE! I’m sure if I was like The Armed Citizen where I used a script to collect the news automatically that would just need to be sorted and published I could do this even more. I won’t because the “Gun Death?” category is just a cause I see as valuable for keeping our rights strong, and to raise awareness about self defense. I want this blog to be a mixed bag of guns, freedom, and fun stuff, so I’ll keep the “Gun Death?” stories to one-a-day unless otherwise relevant.

Still the number of violent predators out there, and the ease of this project is really scary. You need to be prepared to defend yourself at all times. While the world is hardly some scary movie premise, it also ain’t bean-bag either!

Don’t get yourself into one of my posts! Carry a gun! if you can’t or won’t carry a gun, carry a good, and dedicated defensive knife. If that’s an issue carry pepper spray or a taser. No matter what refuse to be a victim and always be prepared to fight!

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  1. Sean Sorrentino says:

    Dude, if I carried my gun, and sumdood decided to shank me for the pack of stamps in my wallet, I might try to shoot him. Then the anti-gun types would have another Gun Death to hang on us. Maybe it’s better if I just die like a good little subject. you know, for the good of others.

  2. mike w. says:

    Sean – Collectivists have been making sure that some died for the good of others (or “society”) for centuries. If they can kill you or somehow use your death to exert more control over free citizens they’ll gladly do so.

  3. Thomas says:

    Nice concept, but outside of some of your and my readership and similar folk, most people aren’t at all prepared to fight, pretty much EVER. They go through life in “CONDITION ZOMBIE” with iPods in their ears thinking about what they’re going to have for dinner.

  4. Linoge says:

    No matter what refuse to be a victim and always be prepared to fight!

    And that, right there, is the important takeaway – it does not matter if you have a firearm, a knife, or a Bic pen. Know how to use it, and be willing to use it, and you are already ahead of the game, and likely ahead of your aggressor.

    Life is not kind, and there are people out there who will resort to positively despicable things to separate something from you against your will… unfortunately, a lot of them find their way into politics, but for those who work outside the law, one must be prepared to convince them to find a new line of work.

    But the one thing you have to be carrying, aside from a firearm, or a knife, or mace, or whatever, is the will to engage, which is something the average American definitely needs to recover.

  5. maddmedic says:

    When I took my CCW class. Our instructor was fairly adamant about carrying, whenever and wherever you coould. He stated that getting your CCW and NOT carrying was somewhat “dumB’.
    I agree.
    I carry all the time.
    Except at my Gun Free Zone workplace. And it is not in the best of areas.
    Or my kids school. Another target rich environment.
    I carry a Benchmade ALL the time.

    I will not be a victim and I project that in me attitude and my demeanor.
    What you project has a lot to do with being or not being a victim.
    Being aware and ready.
    How else would a person live?

  6. Thomas says:


    Like 99% of society walking around in condition stupid?

    Not advocating it, but it’s factual.

    Most humans are less situationally aware than squirrels.

    Hunt both and see which is usually more troubles 🙂

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