Chronic Dishonesty

I must say Joan Peters of the Million Mom March, and the Brady Campaign is an amazing case study in the nature of an anti-freedom bigot. Here are two combined quotes that just knock my socks off! From Here and Here

Many of the shooters of others are not criminals until they pull the trigger. Most homicides are among people who know each other- domestic in nature. They also often take their own lives in the process.

I am asking for a reasonable exchange of information. Whenever I provide facts, you say I lie. You don’t like the facts. People can have their own opinions, but they can’t have their own facts. So when I site a credible source, Dr. Wintemute as one example, he is a shill. Never mind that he does scientific research and publishes in peer reviewed journals and is a respected scholar. Not by you, of course, because you show no respect for anyone who disagrees with you.

Just look at the first half, and then the second one. You have a statement that so amazingly untrue, anybody who can read a newspaper or watch a TV report should know its completely false. She’s claiming that the majority of gun homicides are domestic murder-suicides by otherwise lawful people. Could a statement be any more untrue?

Hell she’s not even representing the Brady-Funded bunk study correctly. The Brady study claimed that most homicide victims knew their killer. They spin it to SOUND like its domestic accidents and homicides, but actually its because most homicides in this nation (gun or otherwise) are results of gang violence. Of course one gang member knows the members of the other gang. But even in those cases there isn’t a suicide. And of course most of these homicides the cops know the victim as they have been arrested many times before.

She drops such a fabricated load of shit like that, then has the gall complain when people call her a liar? Also hilarious that she’s clinging to such an ethically challenged troll as Dr. Gary Wintermute.

Its a wonder why their attempts at activism fail so badly. Thankfully they’re so ethically bankrupt that I see no remorse in their destruction.

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  1. Sailorcurt says:

    What’s really funny is that she defends Garen Wintemute and his work, but when I cited his most recent work and the place where he flat out declares that there is no gun show loophole, she dismissed it as “innuendo”.

    They’re all for him as long as he’s singing their song.

    I actually have a lot more respect for Wintemute that I used to have. He apparently continued his research and came to the correct conclusion that gun shows aren’t the problem.

    He’s still focused in the wrong direction since he’s now advocating the banning of all private sales of firearms, but at least he’s honest about gun shows and what his real agenda is…unlike japete (who patently admitted to me that “closing the gun show loophole” is just a step toward their real goal of banning private sales) and the Brady Campagn.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yeah she’s pretty open about wanting to ban all private sales (which of course does NOTHING. As I tell people, here in Mass I need to register every transaction I do with the state….what’s keeping me from just not doing the paperwork? The same thing that’s keeping a felon from buying a gun in a private sale. Do it again, only harder)

      Also amusing that she’s hell-bent on wanting to ban “Assault Weapons” but doesn’t seem to give too much of a shit WHAT an “Assault Weapon” is. This should be a HUGE hint. If she wants to ban an gun, but has no interest in WHY its being banned….well that means she just wants to ban ALL guns. And you don’t think she’d jump at the opportunity to have the Jack-boots kick down our doors to round them up? Remember her Brother-in-law had guns hidden in his house so I suspect our guns need to be melted down.

      I think she’s made it VERY clear she should NOT be trusted EVER.

  2. Bob S. says:

    I have a post up dealing with Ms. Joan Peterson and her willingness to talk about facts.

    She said she posted statistics, data or facts about “guns just going off” but when I searched her blog, all I found were 3 news stories about accidental discharges.

    I had an exchange about the effectiveness of gun control — she mentioned Australia. It was a link that really didn’t have anything more then one chart. I replied with a 2 part comment that never got approved.

    Wonder why. Could it be that I actually presented statistics, data and facts?

  3. Bob S. says:

    Within the same comment thread, Joan can’t keep her story straight.

    In a huge surprise, this comment was actually approved 🙂


    The very question that I asked you was this:

    Would you be willing to accept a law allowing private sales between individuals without a background check if they didn’t occur at a gun show?

    Now you either weren’t telling the truth at 12:24 when you said:

    Some think that the only way to effect change is to actually require background checks on all secondary sales, no matter where they occur. You guys have screamed pretty loudly about it. I am not taking a position on that one.

    or you are not telling the truth at 1:38 p.m. when you say:

    It means I think those sellers should require buyers to have background checks.

    And they wonder why we question their honesty????

    • Bob S. says:

      and she replies

      japete said…

      ….taking a break from commenting on the nasty comments. Give it a rest guys. Go bother someone else for a while. You don’t need to pick apart every word written here. I don’t need to respond to everything you write. As Mike B. said- this is my blog, not yours.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        Good pin right there Bob! Got her directly lying about her position in her own words, and immediately running for cover.

        How dare us savages be so rude to call her a liar when she spends all her time lying.

  4. Mike w. says:

    Ah, she’s reached the final stage of “sad but predictable”

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