Common Sense Gun Control

Getting ready to Head home from Maine, and I picked up my S&W642 that has been my carry gun all week, checked the chambers (all 5 loaded ) and dropped the gun in its holster and popped it in my pocket.

This act in Massachusetts is Illegal thanks to our “Safe Storage” laws (which are unconstitutional, but still on the books as far as I know), which requires all guns to be locked up and dissasembled whenever they are not in “direct use”.

Nope I just left a loaded gun unsecured on the bookshelf beside where I slept.

Why? Well #1 all 3 people who are in this house know I carry and know to leave a gun alone unless they need to use it.
#2 all guests we had know the same, and didn’t get within 100 feet of my gun without my supervision.
#3 I feel no need to fiddle with a loaded gun unless I have an Immediate need to.

I stay a relatives homes with small children. There I make sure to secure my gun when its not on my person (one reason why I like revolvers, you can load and unload them all day without ill effects on the ammo or gun)

This is common sense gun control, by actually letting me use my common sense in how I handle my gun.

You see I COULD comply with the Mass laws by running a trigger lock through the trigger guard of a loaded gun. This would comply with the law, and also runs a high risk of negligently discharging the firearm.

Of course if my judgment is bad and somebody is harmed because I left a loaded gun around where people might play with it I should be held liable.

Of course this is because of my negligence, not because of the gun. This is no different than leaving a pot of boiling water on the edge of a stove where curious fingers could find it. Or leaving household chemicals unsecured. Or better yet putting antifreeze in an old Margarita mix bottle, or transmission oil in a gatorade bottle (ask me about that one!).

You see, those who talk about “common sense gun control” have little interest in that. Just banning guns and extinguishing rights.

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  1. ZK says:

    Out of all the ridiculous MA laws, I think ‘safe storage’ is most clearly ripe for a constitutional challenge. In the mean time, many people in MA settle for using a “quick-access” safe (which still takes several seconds to open, when time might be life).

    Nitpick alert: It’s permissible to put the gun away in a safe, fully loaded and chambered. No disassembly of any sort is required, and disassembly in itself is not legal storage. Technically, a stripped frame would need to be locked up if previously assembled into a firearm.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I was aware of the loaded, in a lock-box part, but I thought if you took the gun apart it was lawful to leave out.

      Anti-gun laws are stupid!

      • ZK says:

        I doubt the SWAT teams are queuing up at your door, but technically, once an FA-10 is filed on a handgun, the serialized frame becomes dangerous to innocent children everywhere, no matter if it’s functional or not. The relevant statute reads (in part, irrelevant sections removed):
        “It shall be unlawful to store or keep any firearm…in any place unless such weapon is secured in a locked container or equipped with a tamper-resistant mechanical lock or other safety device, properly engaged so as to render such weapon inoperable by any person other than the owner or other lawfully authorized user.”
        So even if it’s impossible anyone “other than the owner” could operate a detail-stripped 1911, it still isn’t legal unless there’s a “locked container” or a “tamper-resistant mechanical lock” or an “other safety device” on it.

        Laws like this are how they “get” otherwise responsible gun owners, and there are a whole bunch of MA cases where this has happened. In MA, improper storage of a high-capacity firearm is a lifetime LTC disqualifier, and I think also a federal firearm ownership DQ (punishable by up to ten years in prison). Get thee a safe right the heck now :-).

  2. Jake says:

    You see I COULD comply with the Mass laws by running a trigger lock through the trigger guard of a loaded gun.

    And while it might meet the requirements of the stupid MA law, trigger locks are NOT safe storage – as you point out, it risks an ND, every time it goes on or off. Nothing goes in the trigger guard except for your finger, and only when you intend to pull the trigger. Anything else is negligent, pure and simple. That’s how that FFDO pilot put a hole in the cockpit of his plane a couple of years ago – because he was required to fool around with the gun and insert a trigger lock through the holster rather than just leaving it alone as God and JMB (PBUH) intended.

  3. Blackhawk101 says:

    I suppose that Mass politicians would have heart failure knowing whats in my sons room never mind my bedroom. My son gets to keep his AR – with loaded mags- inside his own micro-gunsafe in his room. I have a key and he has a key. I do however maintain control of his XDm inside my safe.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Mass Pols hate ANYBODY who exercises a freedom without getting their permission, as well as anybody exercising a granted freedom in a way they don’t condone.

      So you MAY eat what you like, but so long as it isn’t tras-fats or Four-Loko.

      You may own and carry a gun, but it must be an approved gun, and must be stored in a prescribed method by people who have never owned, let alone held a gun before in their life.

      We will fight them, and Goddamnit, we’ll win!

    • Jake says:

      They’d have heart failure knowing that, from the time I was about 14 to the time I moved out of my parents’ house, the BB gun lived in my closet, and was never “secured.” The closet was always unlocked and I had totally unrestricted access at any time (hey, some of my clothes were in there – I had to have access!).

      Knowing your son has unrestricted access to an Evil Black Death Machine ™ would make their heads explode!

  4. mike w. says:

    Or better yet putting antifreeze in an old Margarita mix bottle, or transmission oil in a gatorade bottle (ask me about that one!).

    I used to use empty laundry detergent bottles for old motor oil. It only took one mix up for me to stop that practice…..

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yikes I’d imagine! There was a gator-aid bottle filled with hydraulic oil for the boat with leaky steering out on the salmon farm. When I saw one of the farm hands fill up the power steering, I remarked that I just assumed it was a bottle somebody had just left on deck and forgotten.

      Another guy hearing this told me about him taking a swig out of a gator aid bottle filled with red-dyed industrial diesel fuel. He said he was pretty messed up for a few days from that!

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  6. rubenoff says:

    this link explains what happens in society if the link wont play copy the link and paste it into your internet browser

    People who leave loaded guns unsecured are setting their family and or friends up for a crippling accident or death, Try explaining that one to the Judge,

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