Doing it Right

Texas Knows its Shit!

Without fanfare, the first step to airport-style security checkpoints was opened Friday at the four entrances to the Texas Capitol.

The visitors and lobbyists must walk through metal detectors and have their purses and briefcases searched. In coming weeks, their belongings will have to go through X-ray machines yet to be installed.

State employees can walk around the checkpoint if they show valid state identification, as can Texans who carry a pistol with a concealed handgun license.

They had me nervous at the first bit, but they know how to do it in the Lone Star State.

Of course the sheep need their representation:

The express lane for gun owners is clearly marked: “CHL Holders.”

“It’s quite intimidating. We’ve never had to go through this before,” said Beth Lord, a retired personnel manager who was visiting the statehouse with her grandchildren.

“If they’re going to have security like this, why are they letting some people to come in with guns? That doesn’t make too much sense.”

“Letting some people to come in with guns…” Like Cops? It doesn’t make sense to have cops let in with their sidearms?

Oh you don’t mean that, right? Because cops have training and have undergone background checks, right? right?

Officials have justified their decision this way: Concealed handgun license holders are required to undergo training and pass a background check — steps that are expected to weed out potential nuts and terrorists.

Fuck yeah!

Go Texas!
H/T Alan

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  1. Newbius says:

    Virginia is the same way. We just step up to the guard station with our ID and CHL, and they confirm where the gun and ammo are with the wand. 🙂 Have a nice day!

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