Gun Death: “Gun Free Zone”

Seems its not just happening in China The Philippines have their school stabbings

An ex-convict stabbed a teacher and several students Friday at an elementary school in the Philippines in a melee that left four people dead and six wounded, police said….A teacher, a student, the attacker, and an elderly man who was among those who tried to seize Mateo’s knife were killed in the attack, Edding told The Associated Press.

Really one of those big stories on so many levels. First up the Philippines tightly control gun ownership in part to prevent tragedies like this. While the whole nation is very strict on gun ownership, our own nation is just as strict on gun in school zones, and this would include teachers who would want to protect the students (read: YOUR CHILDREN!) from crazed attackers like these. Also a convicted killer wandering into a school with a knife? Quite the list of stuff you should never read, so I threw up the “Bad Justice” tag on this one as well.

Finally on a more positive note, I’ll point out that somebody was able to wrestle the knife away from the attacker and kill him. So even at the most dire odds, this is a key lesson, refuse to be a victim. Its unclear in my reading of the story if the person who got the knife from the killer survived, or if one of the people killed was somebody who also attempted to disarm the attacker, but even if your own life is forfeit, can there be any doubt that the person who ended this attack saved many more lives?

So many levels this shows the failure of the ideals of gun control.

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