“Gun Death?” Witchhunt

In a land with strict gun control we have a land of peace and harmony, where people can put aside their differences…or not….

Townspeople in Bolivia lynched a couple for allegedly practicing witchcraft even though it is not a crime in the South American country, local media reported Tuesday.

So a bunch of nuts are convinced some people are witches…they ask the local law enforcement to handle this issue. The story reports that the legal system said it wasn’t a crime to be a witch or practice witchcraft. The story doesn’t report that the people were informed that witchcraft doesn’t really exist and that they’re nucking futz….

Still they were dissatisfied by these results so they lynched the people. Gun control advocates will be VERY pleased to know no guns were involved, so all deaths don’t count!

h/t Bob

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Hmmm, wondering if they were channeling Salem, MA…

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