Gun Death

Whenever an anti-freedom advocate attempts to engage somebody on the pro-second Amendment side they often us the made-up term “Gun Death”. In their eyes death by gun is somehow worse, or less desirable than by other methods, so that one form of death must be expounded and scrutinized, and used for proof of agenda points.

Well you creeps will be happy to hear that these deaths don’t count

Bernardston Police have arrested an Eastern Massachusetts man charged with slaughtering his family…Police across the state had been looking for Thomas Mortimer the IV after they found Laura Stone Mortimer; her four year old son; two year old daughter; and 64 year old Mother dead in their home yesterday.

The anti-gun jerks will say that such carnage is only possible with firearms, and are exceedingly rare in places that ban them. Well of course there’s the sticky wicket that most murders everywhere are single-victim homicides, no matter what the tool used.

There aren’t many details but District Attorney Gerry Leone described it as a horrific, disturbing, and an unspeakable scene.

He says the victims were killed by blunt trauma and wounds caused by sharp objects in their Winchester home. Officers found Finn and his mother lying in a pool of blood in the first-floor hallway.

The grandmother’s body was nearby covered with an oriental rug, and a trail of blood led to an upstairs crib, where they found Charlotte dead.

I’m sure everybody out there can breath a sigh of relief that these people were NOT killed with gunshot. I’ll leave it to the anti-rights bigots to explain to me why this is desirable.

Also we can be pleased to know that there is no death penalty in Massachusetts, so I will be paying to feed, clothe, house, and provide medical attention for this vile shitbag for as long as he continues to live.

I’m glad other states are more civilizedthan us!

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  1. Reputo says:

    What I want to know is why people insist on a humane method for enacting the death penalty. Your killing someone, admit that there is not much humane about that (other than you can now guarantee that person will NEVER kill someone else again, it is more of a guarantee than abstinence is for avoiding pregnancy). I understand some people getting squeamish about methods that cause suffering (although usually the convict gave no such thought to his victims), so lets adopt the cheapest methods that cause instant death!

    Firing squads are cheap, especially if you ask the shooters to bring their own ammo (I doubt many people who signed up as executioners would balk at having to spend 20 or 30 cents to remove a killer from the planet).

    Hanging should be relatively inexpensive (especially if you have a permanent gallows or just a pulley arm off of the courthouse). You can even re-use the rope.

  2. Patrick says:

    The reality of it all, in it’s most base form, is that a gun in he hands of a criminal at best creates a “gun death”, but a gun in the hands of a law-abiding citizen defends against, albeit not always successfully, all criminal death. As you have said many times in the past, this is something that upon hearing it, makes Sarah Brady cry.

  3. Geodkyt says:


    While I don’t care about the soon-to-be executed criminal very much, I do prefer to observe two rules:

    1. There’s no point in being unnecessarily cruel. By choosing capital punishment, we’ve given up on making him suffer so he’ll rehabilitate to just getting rid of him. You wouldn’t cause unnecessary suffering in a ill-socialized and hazardous dog being put down, would you?

    2. I want the execution to be as stress-free for the people who have to carry it out. Why punish the servants of the state who are merely doing what the people want?

    So, lethal injection is my preferred method. It’s good enough for a dog, gentle enough it is unlikely to induce PTSD in the guards and official witnesses. Just put him peacefully to sleep like the animal he is.

    I’m even willing to start out with a massive dose of something pleasant (LD50 cocktail of barbituates and morphine as a starter before we get to the garanteed lethal drugs? SURE!) so that the rest of the execution cocktail administration goes smoothly.

    Because, when it comes to capital punishment, I don’t want to torture the convict — I just want him GONE. Not because HE deserves it, but because _I_ deserve to just handle it in a business like fashion, and _my_employees_ don’t deserve the memories of a traumatic death (however well-deserved that death may be.)


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