Hit Piece

Seems CNBC is doing a hit piece on the Remington 700 rifle. I guess there was a problem 30 years ago but has since been “Fixed” (I say fixed because #1. I’m not and expert in sporting bolt-guns, #2. I know there was lots of talk about lawyers working over the safety mechanism that ruins the functionality of the gun overall…such as having the gun on safe, but allow the bolt to snag on brush and unlock the action where it can disrupt or malf the gun in the field)

But those days have long gone, and gun companies now put a huge amount of safety features on their guns. A great example would be the M1911 pistol. The M1911 in its earlier (and in some current) incarnations is NOT drop-safe. Now that’s sounds scary and negligent…but the nature of this “defect” is that the firing pin is only retained by a spring in its channel. This means IF the pistol is in a loaded condition and is dropped DIRECTLY on the muzzle on a hard surface the firing pin MAY dimple the primer. That would kinda suck (tho likely the bullet will travel in a safe direction) but how likely is that? an M1911 like most handguns is heaviest at the rear where all the lockwork and ammunition is. Say different from the older revolvers where the firing pin rested on the primer, so actually HITTING the gun, or dropping it would make it go boom. (to solve that, most people carried their old revolvers with one empty chamber with the hammer resting on that chamber) that’s been as far as I know completely eradicated with various mechanisms.

Ruger put out a recall on its recent LCP and SR-9 pistols. And while I’m unimpressed with Ruger for this oversight, the recall was done with ZERO accidents. Don’t know the mechanics of the equipment changed, or how likely an accidental discharge could be, so how “Dangerous” were these recalled guns.

Blah Blah, the whole hit-piece isn’t really on my radar. If they toss some serious bombs and the usual suspects run with it, it could cause an interesting political phenomenon that Tam coined the term “Brown Rifle Ban” for.

What did interest me was this video:

Heh paid shill, and hit piece, I’m amused.

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