Hurry Up Mr. Gura!

Alan Gura told me when we met that the “Common Use” clause of Heller would be an easy test to topple things like Massachusetts handgun roster and the Assault Weapons ban we have.

I hope he hurries, because this gun counts for both, and I have a serious case of the wants!

Check that non-existant muzzle rise (granted Jeff has forearms like tree-trucks and a rock solid grip. I shook his hand at the NRA Convention and he was a very nice down-to-earth guy) and that muzzle flash! Tell that wouldn’t make a nice range gun? Also I suspect it would make a nice carry piece for those people hiking in Coyote country or deer hunting with the potential to bag some smaller game. Also Jeff makes an excellent point that this might be an ideal defensive arm for somebody with low hand or wrist strength, given that they won’t have to contend with the long-heavy pull of a revolver trigger, nor will the recoil, or the slide spring be horribly heavy, .22 WMR is NOT identical to 5.7x28mm, but at the vast price differences between the two pistols, and their ammo, plus the fact that the Kel-tec holds 10 more pills in the flush-fit box, and doesn’t have a bullshit magazine disconnect, I know which one I’d pick.

Plus from the MSRPs I’m seeing, this gun, even brand new, doesn’t seem out of the “Just Because” price range.

So hurry up Alan, Weer’d likey!

Oh and while you’re kicking the shit out of assholes who think the Second Amendment doesn’t mean what it says, you might want to look into getting that silly little carbine legal too, seeing a full-auto .22 WMR out of a short barrel is just hilarious to me!


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  1. Linoge says:

    Yeah… I pretty much lost interest in that particular platform once Kel-Tec announced that they had no plans to make any form of carbine, civilian-legal or not, out of it. That stock rig they made was straight-up awesome (what with holding two additional magazines), and then they go, “Oh, yeah, that was just for us”?


    • Weerd Beard says:

      Well the gun hasn’t hit the market just yet. And its not like they’re simply gonna toss the prototype and the schismatics in the trash. Still I imagine the “combo action” might be difficult to tune for a civvie-legal barrel.

      Maybe given their interest in modifying other people’s designs maybe Magnum Research can take one of these
      and find a way to afix on of thems 30-round magazines to it.

      Bonus points for making it look like a baby M1 Carbine!

  2. tommy says:

    but… but I want a full auto 22 WMR.


  3. Speaking as a relatively small female with serious shoulder damage, I’ve fired the prototype PMR-30 that Oleg Volk has with little muzzle rise, and with the most accuracy for the least pain of any handgun I’ve willingly handled. (I have not yet shot a caliber higher than 9mm without immediately having a strong need to go find painkillers, so this isn’t a highly experienced viewpoint.)

    In fact, firing off easily a hundred shots at the range didn’t hurt. I was fine, until like an idiot I tried a .32 revolver. I seriously like the PMR-30, especially with a silencer. Together, while slightly heavier, it actually does the impossible and makes shooting a handgun fun!

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