More Moonbattery

If you can’t laugh at the insane left What can you laugh at.

Kinda interesting that a woman who runs her blog on lies, misinformation, and obsessing about the genitals of other people would type all that up.

Also amusing that a woman who supports the actions of radical Islam would somehow think it wouldn’t be at all embarrassing to attempt to claim the Tea Party is pushing a brand of Sharia.

Go click over and laugh, and make sure to leave a comment. Like all moonbat anti-freedom leftists she moderates comments, but that doesn’t mean she won’t read what you have to say 😀

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0 Responses to More Moonbattery

  1. bluesun says:

    Poor dear never gets any comments… oh, wait, she never PUBLISHES any comments because they all argue with her!

  2. Mike w. says:

    Insanity indeed ! That woman is a special kind of nuts. She needs a straightjacket !

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