When I first got my C&R FFL I found a distributer selling Indian Enfield 2A rifles for a good price, so I snapped one up. Overall I fell I got what I paid for . Its an accurate rifle and it works, but the action is sloppy, the sights are microscopic (and on a mile-long rifle damn-near impossible to use), and the “Finish” appears to be black Exterior Paint.

It appears the Quality Control at the Ishapore factory haven’t gotten much better in recent years.

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  1. Wally says:

    My dad left me his 2A. I love the rifle dearly as it is the only one he left me, but whoa mama… He didn’t fire it much. 100-200rds ? I fired 12 rounds with pretty impressive accuracy (considering it’s a 2A) and wondered what was happening to my brass- the primers were about .015″ proud of the fired case. Headspace was set to “holy crap I lived?”

  2. fearsclave says:

    Long Branch. Accept no substitutes.

  3. Thomas says:

    Nepal Nakhu Arsenal Snider rifles are worse. They keyhole, but they’re fun because it’s fun to thump 500 grainers out there. Sorta like shooting a grenade launcher more than a rifle. Guess they worked OK in the days of “volley fire”?

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