The “Progressive” Church

I’m gonna pick on Kay for a bit, but I’ll point out that her behavior is consistent with most progressives. So you can see also with Chris Mathews, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Barny Frank, or any of the other American Marxists.

First up I’ll point out that I am not a religious man. I certainly don’t subscribe to any of the religions that others follow. But I’m not a “Progressive” so I could care less who you worship or why. (Given that you don’t use your God to infringe on others rights, like who somebody else can love, what substances people choose to injest…or abuse your women.) “Progressives” HATE people of faith. Some keep quiet about it, others (like Kay) are pretty vocal about it.

That being said, they hate people who have faith and worship a God, but they seem to think its just fine to invent their own Gods.

She claims that Obama whistling means he’s happy. There is no such thing as a happy “Progressive”, they are either angry, or they’re miserable. The closest thing they experince to joy is, which is simply the Joy that they suspect other people might be just as miserable as them.

They also cling to articles of faith like:
-Gun Control will lower violence rates
-Government can do things effectively and competently
-Creating a Welfare state is “Looking out for the little guy”
-By Raising taxes the intended target will simply fork over the cash without adjusting spending and prices of goods and services
-That there’s any difference between the “Evil Stupid” George W. Bush, and “The Brilliant Professor” President Obama.
– That Socialism won’t lead to wide-spread poverty, and eventual genocide.

More like Whistling past the graveyard.

Of course I’ll use that phrase to cut to some music. If you enjoy music, you might not be “Progressive”. 😀

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