Who Will Protect Me From the Protectors?

About a half a mile away, a sunbather was accidentally run over by a Long Beach police officer who was reportedly rushing to the scene of another rescue — one of 10 water rescues at Long Beach as scores of sunbathers and swimmers took advantage of 90-degree weather before the official start of summer. Witnesses say the driver of the police SUV had no clue he had run over the sunbather until he was flagged down by beachgoers. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital and said to have a broken spine and rib.

How Ironic to be run over by a beach police vehicle while you’re sunbathing. Even worse according to the eyewitness in the attached video the victim was laying in a Beach Chair (Seems there are corroborating reports).

Now that goes from Ironic to down right incompetent. I can see somebody laying flat on the beach, maybe behind a small berm being impossible to see. But in a damn chair? Even worse, don’t you think the BEACH POLICE might be aware that on hot days people lay out in the sun, and its a good idea to watch out for them?

Yeah me too!

Reminds me of this:

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