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New Digs For Dragon

Just wanted to let Y’all know that Dragon Leatherworks now has a new website, REALLY nice site design, go have a peek. I did a check-up of my pages reviewing Dragon’s products and found all the links to still be … Continue reading

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God I Love the Internet!

That’s powerful funny right there! I need to crank out the special features of my new Blu Ray copy of this screen gem!

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Looks like Farmgirl had an encounter with an Elk out in Colorado. Go over and have a look at the gruesome pix! She turned her Crown Vic into an abattoir, and only has minor injuries to show for it. Lucky! … Continue reading

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More Lies From Helmke

These are really target-rich videos so expect more of these. So here Helmke is calling the pro-rights mantra that we need to work harder to enforce the laws currently on the books. He uses the Tucson shooting as his one-and-only … Continue reading

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Fun Evening

I was bummed last week didn’t happen. But this week Vicious Circle went out live and loud. Download it above if you missed it live. And if you listen in your car, make sure you honk 3 times!

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“Gun Death” Stabbing Spree

I believe I covered this story back in my livejournal days. Good to see Japan isn’t 100% at a standstill with the recent natural disaster that has befallen that nation. Tomohiro Kato, who killed seven people in a bloody stabbing … Continue reading

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Sorry that last week the podcast didn’t happen, but this evening Vicious Circle is going live, talking about predictions for 2100. Should be an interesting show, and I did my homework this time. Join us, should be fun…and likely horribly … Continue reading

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Mint is EVIL

We have a vegetable garden at the homestead that has never been used as such. Overall its just a massive bed of mint. Mint is neat, but besides the occasional pot of Mint tea, we don’t do much with the … Continue reading

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How To Talk Dirty

Heh awesome video, and helpful if you’re not skilled in this area! Enjoy!

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Why I’m Against Mandatory Training

First let me say I’m all about training. Take a class, and log some range time, it will only benefit you. But when things go to mandatory training I think back to my mandatory Foreign Language training in Middle School. … Continue reading

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