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“Gun Death” Bat

Why do people have Baseball Bats? You can’t hunt with them! Investigators from the Cherokee County Sheriff and Coroner’s offices are investigating the death of a man found beaten in a Gaffney apartment. Seems pretty fruitless to ban guns when … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Irony

Brady Campaign and Joyce Puppets are so dishonest they lie when they attempt to tell the truth, and tell the truth when they attempt to lie. I hope you are having a great time making fun of what I posted. … Continue reading

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Give Me a Break!

I read this and was overcome by the stupid. The White House has unveiled this year’s official souvenir eggs for the upcoming Easter Egg Roll — environmentally friendly eggs….Made from Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) — certified paperboard. SFI paperboard uses … Continue reading

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Reminder PSA

Just a reminder April First is right around the corner so let’s remember Chris’s Boycott idea Here’s how I’m going to do it. There are a small handful of anti-gun blogs, like Joan Peterson’s rathole, or Balder’s place, or Mike … Continue reading

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I’m just trying to figure it out…and I can’t. Is it real or a hoax? If real WHYYY???? Sumdood is selling perfume made from his own shit… And he’s sold some of it for 40 Quid a jar….a fool and … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Bar Fight

Many states don’t have laws against carrying in bars or restaurants that serve alcohol. Of the states that forbid carry in locals that serve alcohol, many are attempting to repeal these laws. The anti-rights people say it will result in … Continue reading

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Looking a Little Different

About a Month ago reader a fellow blogger Bluesun made up a really neat header for the blog. I hadn’t said anything but I do want a header that includes ducks in it not only because of my “You are … Continue reading

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Last one from Helmke

Here’s one last one of the Helmke video series. First he starts will telling the truth for the briefest of moments. “We don’t design gun control laws for the criminals…” TRUE! Criminals do bad things with guns….so the people who … Continue reading

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The Past is Funny

Was just talking with Jigsaw about my beard, and I knew I had some old photos kicking around so I grabbed a random album and started flipping. Turns out it was essentially the photos taken around when i graduated from … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Terror

I thought I’d make a point to pay my respects to those lost in Israel . Israeli security forces may be closing in on the terrorists who bombed a crowded bus stop area Wednesday afternoon in Jerusalem. I’ve read that … Continue reading

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