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Watching The Royal Wedding

J/K. No, but for whatever reason the long day, and comfy hotel bed, I haven’t been able to sleep tonight. I suspect this problem will be rectified with a trance-like slumber this evening. Already had a great time at the … Continue reading

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On The Road

This is what picked me up Yeah, Jay and Weer’d are riding in a Minivan with New York plates! This won’t end well…You know Jay is gonna roll it! BTW traffic isn’t light, the hate-rage is strong with my driver, … Continue reading

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Almost Time

All Packed, Bacon in my belly. Waiting for Jay to show up. I’ll have my Droid2 so there should be some blogging from the road. See you all at the convention!

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“Gun Death” Roman in Gaza

Italy has very strict gun control, but Israel has much more lenient laws. So when a man from Rome is murdered in Gaza, you know what to expect. Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni was probably strangled with a cord, according to … Continue reading

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Cocked and Locked

So I’m all packed, including guns ammo and holsters. Including some nice clothes that Breda demanded I wear to the Gunnie Prom. I’m excited about seeing all the exhibits, I’m excited to get together with all the bloggers, hell I’m … Continue reading

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Obama’s Birth Cetificate

CNN has a scan of it. Anything can be faked, but I will say that looks quite legit, also I see nothing embarrassing or amiss. The only odd thing is the use of the term “African” as a race. In … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Baby Shower

No death, but there are a lot of interesting points in this local story of violence. Two people have been stabbed in a Lawrence apartment after what the police chief calls a “baby shower that went awry.” Officers responding to … Continue reading

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About My Bar Outing

So about that lunch I had in the bar. Seems like there was no blood in the streets. I didn’t feel the urge to get blotto drunk just because I was in a bar (I did get really full on … Continue reading

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That’s a Solid Review

I’ve seen a bunch of this guy’s videos and he’s an AMAZING shot. That being said it looks like the Ruger SR1911 does its part. Also I really like that he tore the gun down, it looks nice and tight. … Continue reading

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Some Good News!

So the wife and I got back from the epileptologist, and we got great news. Looks like her taper schedule will be be in one-week steps and a total of six increments before she is medication free! This of course … Continue reading

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