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“Gun Death” Sword

Swords were the “Assault Weapon” of the pre-gunpowder world. They still work against modern people. Authorities in west Georgia say a 14-year-old is in custody after his 77-year-old great-grandmother was stabbed to death with a sword and his grandmother was … Continue reading

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Comfort and Convenience

We talked a bit about this here but I think we can talk about it more here. I still have not settled on which loaders for my SP-101 and now am going backwards in my decision process. At first I … Continue reading

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Play me Out: Tiger Army

Been Enjoying a bit of Psychobilly recently:

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FAL Love!

Every Day No Days Off has this great video of the FN FAL from the perspective of a Call of Duty fan As I’ve said before with some deserved controversy I’m not a fan of Full-auto in an infantry rifle, … Continue reading

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The Illegal Immigration Problem

So the latest Illegal Alien story is of course President Barry O’s Drunk Uncle. President Barack Obama‚Äôs alleged illegal half-Uncle Onyango Obama, 67, who is likely known as Uncle Omar as well as Obama Onyango, was arrested for allegedly driving … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” The Hammer

Why would ANYBODY own a hammer? They are only designed to kill! A man who bludgeoned a grandfather to death with a hammer and seriously injured his de facto wife has pleaded not guilty on the grounds of mental impairment. … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: For Vertel

Doing some chores with this tune in the background. Its a Good one! As for the title, either you get it, or you don’t.

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So it looks like the worst of Irene has passed over. The street flooded a bit, but nothing serious. I went into work at about 0900 and nothing bad had happened in the night. Saw a bunch of branches down, … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Decapitation

Doesn’t say the weapon, but its pretty hard to decapitate somebody with a gun. A 7-year-old boy with cerebral palsy and other disabilities including not being able to speak was decapitated, and his biological father has confessed to the killing, … Continue reading

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Glock 21 Gen 4

Another Neat Video: Now I’ll say I am not a Glock fan, personally I don’t like their grip angle, how boxy and heavy they are for the size gun they are, and I don’t like that they have unsupported chambers. … Continue reading

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