A Glowing Review

So the Ruger SR1911 is the new kid on the block for 1911s. Two things I REALLY like about this gun. #1. They did it 100% right by my tastes. If I had this gun I’d take it out of the box and shoot it. PERIOD! Compare that to my 5′ Stainless S&W1911 I had to dump the full-length guide rod because it does nothing good to the gun, but does make it a pain in the ass to strip, or to clear problematic malfunctions. The only thing else would be the grips which is just for personal taste. I’m more functional than looks, so I wouldn’t bother unless something really peachy showed up.

But yeah, grips, sights, controls, all are how I like them. I kinda like forward slide serrations when doing a press-check, but that’s nothing necessary, you can press-back from under and forward on the smooth steel without much issue, and of course you can always draw back the slide from the rear as JMB intended.

#2. PRICE! That Ruger retails for about what I paid for my S&W USED!

I got a chance to handle one at the NRA convention, and they feel like really solid 1911s. Of course the M1911 pattern gun was designed to be hand-fitted, and made from forged and machined steel. The SR1911 is a cast gun, made 100% here in the United States.

So the question is “Is it any good?” and frankly how can we figure it out? The #1 test is high round counts. Seems these days any potmetal gun maker can make a gun that will run like a top for 300-500 rounds before its cut corners begin to digest it.

Who do we know who shoots the bejesus out of guns?

Note the part where he bought the gun from Ruger. That’s a damn glowing review.

I’d say if you’re looking for a good 1911 that’s set up in what should be called “Modern Stock”, as “Semi-custom” doesn’t seem to say much when EVERYBODY has 3-dot sights, a light trigger, and a swept beavertail with “Speed bump”, but again the sticker price of a Colt, or a Springfield loaded, or a S&W1911 just makes you weak in the knees, have a peek at this gun.

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  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    No! Don’t tell me you didn’t shoot it! Dude, Mopar had one at the Northeast Blogshoot! And you didn’t shoot it? Oh, man, did you blow it! That was one of the best 1911s I ever shot in my Frackin’ Life! Dude! It was RIGHT THERE! My Jaw hurt from Smiling so much after I test-drove it! Dude! It’s a +10 pistol! Dude!

  2. chiefjaybob says:

    Irony: As I was watching the video, an ad came up to help with Obama’s re-election campaign.

  3. alcade says:

    How are all these people getting their Rugers before me? I ordered mine the very day in April that I first learned Ruger came out with a 1911 (thanks to you, Weerd).

    Still no 1911!

    I’ve been smokin’ the wrong pole at dark seedy truckstops, I tell you what!

  4. Firehand says:

    I wish everyone would stop putting that damn bump on the grip safety

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