A Great View of the Other Side

Bitter and Sebastian went and tracked down the Anti-Gun Protest at the NRA Con, and they shot this great video:

Its worth a watch. What’s most interesting is how misinformed the opposition is (and some have pointed out they likely have no interest in learning exactly where they are right and where they are wrong). Also amusing is the hatred of people who want to carry arms for their own protection, with added irony of of the gentleman who says he wouldn’t talk to somebody who was armed…while he’s talking to somebody who’s armed. Also as standard issue, there is no difference or consideration between somebody who’s legally armed, vs somebody who is illegally armed. I’ll note the only people in favor of violent criminals being armed are the criminals themselves. Just on our side we make a distinction between “Good Guys” and “Bad Guys” being armed, and they simply define the lines as “Armed” and “Unarmed”.

Also you can hear in several clips the bleating of “We Wanna Talk!” which I’ve mentioned several times before.

Thanks to Sebastian, and especially Bitter for doing such a great job at shooting this video, and being respectful to the opposition. I can’t say I could have talked to any of these people without challenging their beliefs, and while there are lots of levels of anti-gun people, those who would march and chant tend to be the anti-rights cultists who do NOT want their beliefs challenged, and when that happens things get ugly fast.

Well done!

Watch it, these are who we’re up against.

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  1. Matt W says:

    They don’t want to talk, they want you to be quiet and listen to their ignorant point of view which they think will cause you to throw down your arms and join them… it is a shame they don’t really want to talk, open dialogue would be much more useful. Kudos to Bitter and Sebastian capturing that protest. And amazingly, not one was shot!

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Let me put it this way. I was an anti-gun guy who DID want to talk, and DID want to debate.

      My first few attempts I got my ass kicked in that “fish-out-of-water” way. That’s common for ANYBODY new to an issue who confronts somebody who isn’t, and this would happen to anybody new to guns and politics if they bumped into a Joyce or Brady paid activist.

      So I didn’t think I was WRONG, just unprepared, so I went fact-hunting…..

      ….and I decided I was wrong and switched sides.

      If they are Anti-gun and they’re active with it, they do NOT want to talk, and they do NOT want facts. They have made up their mind. They know they are wrong, and they’ve excepted their lack of support as “worth it”, for whatever reason. They have made up their mind, and want to be obeyed.

  2. alcade says:

    “with added irony of of the gentleman who says he wouldn’t talk to somebody who was armed”

    Uh huh. I wonder if he has ever spoken to a police officer? Or a serviceman for that matter. Naturally they are “only ones” so that doesn’t count.

    I noticed this “blissful ignorance” on Joan’s blog a few days ago. I don’t feel like going and hunting for the quote, but it seems as if they think that people who carry are always “somewhere else” and not around them. She said something similiar to the aforementioned gentleman’s quote. It is as if gun owners are only a tiny infinitesimal percentage of the population, always far away from where any anti-gunner lives, and if only they close their eyes tight enough it’ll stay that way.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      One reason why Open carry should become more popular.

      #1. It will show “Regular People” that, indeed people who carry guns aren’t an uncommon thing.
      #2. It will show criminals that indeed there are sheepdogs among the sheep.

      (of course for #2 to be effective Conceal Carry also needs to be legal, so that the criminals know that Sheepdogs are about…but you can NEVER be sure)

  3. Bob S. says:

    I love the ironic part of the one bearded guy who was upset that he had firearms pulled on him — while he was trespassing on people’s property to talk to them about restricting our rights to firearms.

    Frankly, a scruffy disheveled man showing up on my door step may be met with a firearm visible. I find it interesting that in his mind, they threatened him but was completely clueless to the threat he posed to the home owner.

    Oh, guess things like home invasions are just another sign of paranoia on my part, eh.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      My scummy door-to-door assholes don’t see the gun, but the gun I usually have is a 1911. I know lots of people who’s house gun is a shotgun or an AR-15, which can’t be concealed.

      Also it would be a tough sell with a castle doctrine to shoot somebody who is legally doing the door-to-door thing.

      Of course he’s alive, so he DIDN’T get shot, but the question is also what WAS he doing to get people suspicious.

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