Baby Killer

Oops, A clutch of mouse pups just showed up in an all-female cage. Could be a loose buck in the offsite breeding colony, could be an errant male in that shipment.

Guess what cold-blooded bastard is gonna go kill them all?

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  1. *mumbles something about velociraptors breeding*

  2. Chad says:

    snakes or monitors?

  3. hiro says:

    got the duct tape ready?

  4. Ian Argent says:

    The time that happened with the gerbils in the high school bio classrom, the boa got to moonlight as a population control specialist…

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Nice! I would certainly prefer to clean boa shit to mouse pup blood and carcasses. Sadly there aren’t many Boa pharmaceutical testing models out there, and I doubt “oops, mouse pups” are an approved lab diet, especially mouse pups who have been fed by a mom who was currently on study.

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