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Mike over at Every Day, No Days Off, has been collecting videos of “Hardcore” trainers that do foolish and dangerous things.

This one just amazed me, because not only is it stupid, but its allegedly Spetsnaz, not some backyard mall-ninja looking to relieve dumber Mall Ninjii of their SSI checks.

Mike notes the goofy flips (seriously, wouldn’t a wide lunge step be more controlled, faster, and offer just as small a profile for the enemy to engage?) and the turning of the back on the threat-line to reload.

I’ll also note those speedy reloads. These guys likely shoot the hell out of those AK-74s, and still mag changes take FOREVER! Factor in improper seating of the mag, and this is why I sold my AK and bought an FAL. I dunno about you, but I think I can get 60 rounds down range in well-aimed shots with my SKS feeding 10 round chargers than I can with my sold WASR-10 and two 30 pre-ban mags.

The one useful thing was their little “break dance” routine in the dirt. It actually looks like a neat way to quickly cover 360 degrees of thread while keeping your profile VERY low. Not something I’d ever see myself getting use out of, but maybe if I was trying to reclaim Georgia for the Soviet Empire I might see that differently. Still the inverted fire is a little “Top Gun” for my tastes, and I fail to see what it gains tactically.

Also note at 3:20, we see why military guns all have lanyard loops! When you’re carrying your pistol in a piece of shit holster and it falls out as you run around, you can grab that lanyard and flip it up into your hand to stuff it back into the shitty holster for its next roller-coaster ride.

Of course people who rely on pistols like beat cops or civilians who legally carry (the criminals stuff the gun in their baggy jeans or comparatively tighter sweatpants) simply make do with a well-fitted holster with maybe a mechanical retention device. Given that these guys have RIFLES I’d say a flap holster would keep the gun free of dirt, and firmly in the holster for the unlikely event your rifle dies.

Wow thanks for the morning laugh, Mike! Keep them coming! (And keep an eye at that other website for an unattributed cribbing!)

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  1. I’ve never met anyone in the military who thought mag swaps were as important as most gun gamers do. In a match setting it adds to your time. In a military combat setting you’re in a unit with a bunch of other people who can also put rounds down range. One guy running dry isn’t a big deal.

    I think the inverted shooting is more of a practical issue. If you train your guys to roll around prone to minimize silhouette and maximize cover, they’re going to be inverted mid roll and might still need to shoot from there.

    I actually really liked the training to quickly assume various prepared shooting positions. Well I liked that they do that. Would have been nice if they weren’t muzzling everybody and their brother during transitions. Russians – eez gon eez not safe!

    • Weerd Beard says:

      All valid points. I guess I lose a lot as I look at things as an armed civilian, where I know if I need to break out the rifle It’ll likely be me alone, or a small collection of compatriots who have a sundry mis-mash of training. In those situations a dry gun might be a death knell.

      Of course also looking at history, one 20-round FAL mag, or my Mossberg 590 stoked up with 8 servings of buckshot will probably cover 90% of what is already an unlikely scenario.

      heck, if the ball drops (again, unlikely) I’d probably be just as well off with a Mosin Nagant with a few ill-fitting chargers, as I would be with an FAL and 100 rounds in Mags, and a Pistol in reserve.

  2. D2k says:

    Most of that training looked like “be familiar with your weapon and your movement relative to your partner from any angle” training.
    The things Mike picks on I think are a little off as well, but in general I’m ok with it.
    Something to think about with rolls is that they don’t require pushing up against gravity in order to move sideways, in parkour that’s useful, in this it’s at least taking their eyes off target, could be worse for some other reasons as well (never know what’s on the ground).

    The AK really is a pain to reload fast :/

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Isn’t “Pushing up against Gravity” kinda the cornerstone of human locomotion?

      Plus with those rolls they do they have to not only push against gravity to STOP their controlled fall, but to get themselves back into a shooting stance (and watch the guy in the foreground wobble like a baby duck as he transitions from roll to fire) These guys are obviously amazing athletes, and while I can see using gravity for speed going from high positions to low (they make some GREAT transitions from running to prone) these guys seem to be taking the overly-complicated and show-boaty method to accomplish what is a simple task. And again a fat retard like me can do a quick lunge where I transition to a fast low position then back up to my standing position (or I can drop to a knee or prone) , but you need to be both strong and skilled to accomplish the same thing with a roll like they were doing…and just one out-of-place rock or stick and you’re on your ass.

  3. chiefjaybob says:

    Plugged this one into the Benny Hillifier. ( It worked. Makes these easier to watch. And “Yakety Sax” can make anything funny.

  4. Caleb says:

    I half expected that to end with both guys doing a jumping high-five with the shot freezing them in mid-air. Which really is the only way that could have been more awesome.

  5. Bubblehead Les says:

    Uh, hate to say it, but I think that’s Legit Spetsnaz Training, “Old Style”. Saw something similar when “Deadliest Warrior” got Sonny Pretnaz and his guys to do “Spetnaz vs Green Berets”. All the Acrobatics would be useful if you were on the Flat Desert terrain of Afghanistan (which there is a Lot) and your Cover was some grains of Sand. But you should also notice that they were in “Old Skool” gear, i.e., no Body Armor, Radios, Camel Backs, etc. So if you were trained to take on the Mujahadeen back in the ’80s, then you’ll probably be teaching the same stuff 30 years down the road. So this school is kinda Stuck in a Time Warp.

    As to the AK slow reloads, yep, they is, compared to the AR’s and the FN’s and Sigs, etc. But the AK is a 60+ year old design. There’s a lot better stuff out nowadays. Kinda like the Colt Peacemaker vs a Glock. Both will work, but if you need to reload fast…..

  6. 45er says:

    Yeah, regardless this made me giggle. I did like the slick going to prone move. Still, do all the flipping and shooting the ground = getting shot by someone taking aimed shots. I love the tactical pistol drag. Awesome.

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