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Got a spare moment, and I was musing over a comment by 45er

No kidding. This is the first real time I’ve spent on one of those and the blog roll is pathetic. Also, the frequency of their posts is atrocious.

Now go look over at my right sidebar with my RSS Blogroll. Note those are not ALL the blogs I read. I didn’t put Say Uncle in there because of how he posts it would quickly flood out most of the other bloggers, and I think I’m justified that everybody knows about Chance and his awesome blog and they either read him or they don’t.

A few other bloggers, for reasons unknown don’t have RSS feeds that play well with my software, so you have to check them manually. But overall they are bloggers who blog about individual liberty and about gun rights and gun ownership, and the shooting sports. There are ten slots and they’re updated every time the page refreshes. Depending on how people post it flips over 4-5x per day, maybe more, I don’t know how to gather stats on that. All I know is it isn’t often when there isn’t a new post at the top of that list.

Now 45er was talking about Baldr Odinson, a worker for one of the many ephemeral Joyce Foundation AstroTurf groups. Now first note that Baldr posts MAYBE once a week (I ascribe to the “Post at least once a day” rule of blogging. Thanks to the daily syndication of the “Gun Death?” Files, it generally runs about 2-4 per day, if you include many of my silly interludes), but he also has the blogger equivalent of my RSS blogroll. I thought I’d just run down it just to expand on 45er’s observation. Below will have the blog’s title, and the time period of the post as of my typing. I’ll keep links out, as well as post titles because I’m not here to rebroadcast their propiganda.:

Mikeb302000: 3 hours ago. Mikey the troll is probably the best content generator, I believe for taking a page out of his compatriot Robert Farago’s playbook by taking on as many authors who are willing to ruin their reputation. By my count he has 4 Authors, one the most disgusting Jadegold, as well as some other repugnant anti-freedom types. So yeah 4 authors he better keep up with most of the single-handed blogs out there.

Ohh Shoot: 1 day ago. I’m not sure who “Ohh Shoot” is, but s/he is a Joyce foundation aggregater.

Common Gunsense: 2 days ago: We known Joan, professional victim, as well as somebody who holds multiple positions with the Brady Campaign and the Joyce foundation

Brady Campaign Blog : 2 days ago: We also know the Brady Campaign. Also they have a ton of bloggers on staff, but they have a rough time generating content.

A Law Abiding Citizen?: 1 week ago: Ohh Shoot again. So more Joyce blogging, also this one has a comment section, and Bob drops some good questions that “Ohh Shoot” feels no interest in answering. Their beliefs aren’t worth defending…that says a lot!

Guns Are Soooo Great!: 1 week ago: And Anti-rights nut from Alaska. No affiliations with either the Joyce Foundation, or Brady Campaign, also no deep thoughts

Ordinary People: 3 weeks ago: A CSGV Post, that doesn’t appear to be a blog

Bullet Counter Points: 1 Month Ago: Same as above. No idea why these are considered separate blogs, or blogs at all.

National Gun Victims Action Council blog: 2 months ago: Not sure who this group is. A quick google search shows me some tentative ties to the Joyce Foundation, maybe somebody can enlighten me.

Gun Guys: 5 months ago: Go click that link. “Gun Guys” was the premier AstroTurf Joyce Foundation blog. They didn’t blog much, but when the Joyce checks dried up they really didn’t do much more blogging. Now as you can see with the link the page has been dark for several months. May they have several more. All posts listed on the blogroll also show a blank page, Baldr either doesn’t know this, or doesn’t know how to take the blog down from his roll. There are several other “Progressive” blogs that still have this dead link flying. Oh how they cling to the past!

Mondays With Mike: 8 months ago: Yet another CSGV blog post somehow listed as a separate blog.

Abusing the Privilege: Crimes Committed by CCW’s: 1 year ago: there is no author information, also not a single citation in this news aggregate. It is a Joyce Foundation hobby-horse, and it has as many ethics and bias as one could expect. But I can only speculate who this blogger is…or was given that the blog has been dark for over a year.

New England Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence: 1 year ago: Another Joyce Foundation AstroTurf group.

So that’s it. That’s all. The whole blogroll, and the last entry is almost a year-and-a-half old. Almost all of them have direct ties with the Brady Campaign and the Joyce Foundation (So technically its only 4 Separate Entities if you count the two unaffiliated bloggers as entities). Several of the entities are the widely spaced CSGV blog entities listed as separate “Blogs” for reasons I can’t determine.

So as I’ve said before there is no grass-roots support for gun control, most work for the Brady Campaign or the Joyce Foundation, and given some of the shady characters that work for those groups that isn’t a mark of pride, and there is zero content out there.

Meanwhile just look at the Gun Blog Black List, there are some defunct blogs and redundant links in there, but overall its VOLUMES of fresh content and discussion about Gun Rights and Freedom. Furthermore most of them have open comment sections where we can debate and discuss the issues (ALL of the Anti-Rights blogs either don’t allow comments, or heavily moderate them, and there is NO discussion ever…I don’t blame them, they can only lose if they debate).

You can easily read ALL the anti-rights blogs inside of an hour, and keep up with new content by adding 10-15 mins every week, tops if you’re a slow reader. Meanwhile Gun Blogs you simply have to play favorites, because there is too much for any one person.

Can you see from here who’s on the wrong side of the issues? Yeahhhh

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  1. Lila says:

    If I end up in a Fibromyalgia flare and don’t check for even a single day I can easily have 50+ new posts in my feed. We are a much more vocal and outgoing bunch that’s for sure. I also happen to very much like your “Gun Death” blogs. I can’t help but chuckle at some of the interesting way people get violent. Ugggg…..

    • Weerd Beard says:

      And those are just the blog you personally read! 🙂

      BTW I’m glad you enjoy the “Gun Death?” files, its a good deal of work, but people seem to enjoy it and find it a useful tool for debate.

  2. North says:

    Defunct YOU!


    Yes, there are a few blogs that are long in the tooth. But they have some good content. And a dupe or two pointing to different iterations of the same blog.

    I still have about 50 blogs to add, giving priority to the requests I get. And this is before I start to make the list any big effort…

    I’d be honored if you posted the GBBL graphlink.

  3. North says:

    GBBL: About 250 blogs (and growing). Around 200 updated in the last week or so.

  4. Thirdpower says:

    ‘OhhShoot’s’ contact email is the New England Coalition…. So they run at least three astro-turf sites.

  5. Cargosquid says:

    RSS feed?

    Heck, I just go over to Say Uncle and hit HIS blogroll. That covers 90% of the gun bloggers I read.

  6. Sailorcurt says:

    Yes, I have to be very selective about which blogs I have in my RSS feeds or I simply can’t hit them all every day.

    And if I’m on travel or miss a day or two? Forget it. No way I could ever catch up. I just skim the headlines and only read the few that really catch my eye. Otherwise I’d spend all day just trying to catch up.

    I honestly don’t understand why so many gun bloggers pay so much attention to the anti-gun blogs. If it weren’t for us, there’d only be a handful of people reading them anyway.

    They have no bearing whatsoever on the gun rights debate and can safely be ignored. Unless doing it strictly for fun, there is simply no reason to pay any attention to them at all. Ignore them and let them wither on the vine. IMHO.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      “They have no bearing whatsoever on the gun rights debate and can safely be ignored. Unless doing it strictly for fun, there is simply no reason to pay any attention to them at all. Ignore them and let them wither on the vine. IMHO.”

      Depends on how you qualify “Anti-Gun Blogs”. People like MikeyB or that spaz from Alaska are just that. Cellar-dweller trolls. They will only be exploited by the anti-rights lobby when they see something of value, and ignored all other times.

      On the other hand people like Joan Peterson and Ladd Everet have been some of the more active players in the trenches to remove our rights. Just because they’re losing hard right now does not mean we should turn our back on them.

      Furthermore all of these people very obviously operate mentally in a vastly different way than the average mind does. They’re emotional to the point of ignoring reality, they are self-promoting and narcissistic, and they are abusive and intrusive to the point of being stalkers.

      And these are their key players that they keep out front of the cause…lord knows what some of their lesser interns act like.

      I think such things have a GREAT value for the cause…and its fun! 🙂

      • Cargosquid says:

        I don’t know about anyone else, but I read Joan’s blog so I can read the comments and learn more about 2nd Amendment activism, gun safety, and all things gunny………

        And I get to watch, yet again, the anti’s get smacked down.

        One stop shopping!

        • Weerd Beard says:

          I skim her posts (most are PAINFULLY boring, repetitive, and inane…but ever so often she’ll dig something up that’s worthy of a rebuttal) But mostly I read her responses as that’s where the REAL crazy lives. Also where she expresses her love for bona fide sociopaths like Laci or MikeB.

  7. 45er says:

    Lookit me being talked about and I’ve been wining and dining the wife all day and practicing my 2A rights. I can’t get rusty at either of those hobbies. I’ve been just amazed at the number of gun blogs out there. I follow as many as I can and here I sit at almost 11:00 pm not being able to get through just the ones I follow. What really floored me was the Black List that North created. Eye-opening to say the least. Then a jaunt over to Baldr’s world was a stark contrast. In the blogs I follow, I’m chasing multiple posts a day from most posters (not counting Uncle, I can barely keep up with that feed in and of itself). I almost envy the leisurely pace it must take to follow all the anti blogs.

  8. 45er says:

    I think you broke her mind on Clear Quiet Thoughts. I made a comment about how she doesn’t get irony calling the Constitution worthless but still using the 1st protected by the 2nd Amendment. She didn’t post that and shut off the comments. I guess the unicorn fart power ran out.

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