Failure of Public Education

Given that I have many family and friends who are public school teachers, and I myself am a product of Public schools from Kindergarten all the way to College at UMaine. Still I will be very strong about teachers needing to stand up against idiots who don’t do their jobs in their ranks, and those who do stupid things that make them all look like a bunch of hacks.

Worried about children’s safety and getting sued, the School Department began enforcing a regulation earlier this month that prohibits fans in classrooms.

Until recently, teachers had been using fans in stuffy classrooms when temperatures rose despite rules prohibiting electronic appliances that are not owned by the school…In other districts, students have been cut or otherwise injured when they stuck their fingers into fans, she said. Fires have also started by defective appliances.

In today’s litigious world, she said, any injury could lead to a lawsuit against the school system.

So teachers are expected to teach children about Math and Science and Reading and the Arts….but they can’t manage to inspect a fan to see if its safe, and to teach the kids that sticking fingers into a moving fan is a bad idea?

If you can’t do those two things, how the hell can you be expected to do anything else?

Also makes sense why this state has its stupid and illegal “Safe Storage” laws for guns. If you can’t trust a child around a floor fan, then how can you expect them to not kill themselves when you have and unloaded shotgun hanging on the wall, or a pistol in a sock drawer?

More funding certainly won’t help this bullshit. Maybe we should give them a day and if they can’t teach the students to stick their hands in a fan we should fire the teachers and replace them with chia pets which will obviously do a better job.

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  1. alcade says:

    I wonder how they’ll feel about a lawsuit from a studen who has suffered heat stroke? Not to mention that nobody enjoys learning in an uncomfortable environment.

    I went to public schools as well, which had no air conditioning but at least we had fans.

    It’s a wonder I lurned to reed and rite.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I would assume as a student in such a class they’d be too busy eating crayons and sticking paper clips in the wall outlets to KNOW what heat stroke was. 😀

  2. Joe in PNG says:

    Wonder what the Safety Stasi would have said about my high school bio class’s auxillary heating arrangement: during cold days, our teacher would light up a dozen bunsen burners. And just let them burn unprotected.

  3. My French teacher had the AUDACITY to hang, brace yourself and hide your children, a French tricolor flag on his classroom ceiling for years.

    He was forced to take it down because of the outrageous danger it posed violating fire codes in a room where the Stars & Stripes hung proudly in the corner, unmolested. A few classmates and I bought a bunch of little hold-in-your-hand-and-wave-patriotically French flags on sticks and crammed them into nooks and crannies all over the building. Reason #4,876 my parent’s were called to talk about what “That boy of yours…” had done.

    How much longer will we have pencil sharpeners? The English teacher’s high-backed cloth reading chairs could spread louse! Get the preserved pig fetus out of the Bio lab before little Timmy O’Toule mistakes it for a refreshing ethnic iced-tea! Bah, time for lunch.

    • Silverevilchao says:

      Let’s go even further on that.

      Pencils can be used to put out people’s eyes!
      Laptops can be used as deadly weapons (and let’s not even mention the huge-ass dinosaurs the schools likely have…you know, the computers that have huge monitors ON TOP OF a separate computer unit)!
      Musical Instruments can be used as deadly weapons!
      Carpet is flammable and can house insects!
      Children can jump out of windows!
      The fumes of dry-erase markers are POISONOUS!!

      I mean, at this point, maybe we should just put all newborn humans in padded rooms and keep them there for the rest of their lives.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        Not to mention distribute child porn as Biff the Quarterback emails his buddies of the moral transgressions of Buffy the cheerleader, if we’re going to go on the worst something can be used for.

  4. wfgodbold says:

    I got my HS chemistry teacher to order sodium just so we could drop it in water and watch it explode.

    Some splashed on the floor and burnt holes in the linoleum.

    Good times. 😀

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