“Gun Death” Arson

I have a story on the stupidity of Massachusetts gun laws. I stopped by a local gun shop and bought a 5lb keg of smokeless powder. I went up to the counter and put cash on the barrel head, and then the shop owner asked to see my permit. You see you need a gun permit to buy ammunition components in Massachusetts. A loyal sheep would point out that gunpowder is flammable and therefore dangerous. I’ve burned up junk powder and it isn’t a huge deal, still after I left the shop I drove across the street to a gas station, and swiped my card at the pump and bought 15 gallons of gasoline by swiping my card at the pump and never saw a living soul.

I told you that so I could get to today’s “Gun Death”

Police in Washington state say a man apparently set fire to his own home, killing himself and five of his children

Does not say what tools he used to murder his children, but they are not guns, so not a “Gun Death”. No “Gun Death” no relevance to those who hate freedom!

h/t Bob and Sean (AT THE SAME TIME!!!)

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  1. libertyman says:

    Some towns require you to have a permit to store the powder from the fire department. You can only guess about that being a “shall issue” eh?

  2. Bob S. says:


    Not only can you, a legal adult, buy gasoline without state permission but children can buy gasoline.

    I have even seen children as young as 13 or 14 filling up 5 gallon jerry cans in the summer. Paying Cash, no parent around!!
    These children were ‘using the gas for a lawn mowing business’ if you can believe that improbable reason.

    Mothers tend to drown their kids (can any one say Susan Smith or Andrea Yates?) yet there are no calls for shower only homes to stop that crime.

  3. teke says:

    @BobS don’t you realize in Texas we “ALL” pay the illegals to cut our lawns. It’s the work Americans wont do.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      WTF am I doing out in the yard today? It certainly isn’t a lack of illegals here in Sanctuary state Massachusetts….

    • Dwight Brown says:

      “It’s the work Americans wont do.”

      Ahem. This American used to cut lawns all the time. For money. In Texas. During the summer.

      (Of course, that was over a quarter century ago. Wait a minute, did I just say “over a quarter century ago”? Crap. I’m old.)

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