“Gun Death” Fanatics

I’m gonna start off with a warning. This one is horrible on so many levels:

Two years before starvation made her bones as brittle as dead twigs, Christiana Glenn sat with her godparents in the office of a court-appointed counselor, explaining what life was like in her Irvington apartment.

Meals were soup and crackers. Always soup and crackers. That’s what Pastor Kris wanted, the godparents said Christiana, then 6, told the counselor.

What about toys, she was asked.

There were no toys, the girl answered. Christiana’s mother — “mommy sensei,” she called her — believed toys were “idols.”

This young girl was the victim of her parents religious fanaticism, but also a victim of the inefficiency of the justice system. She was starved to death two years AFTER meeting with a judge about termination of parental rights…and still they returned her to her death.

That is bad justice! And of course she wasn’t even denied food, just given far too little. No tools used, no guns used. No “Gun Death”. Need I say more?

h/t Wallphone

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