“Gun Death” House Fight

No guns in this story, so I’m amazed there was a death.

A MAN who savagely stabbed his casual housemate 25 times during a drug-fuelled rage has been sentenced to nine-and-a-half years jail today.

Now here’s the question that should get your blood to run cold: How long do you suppose he’ll be in the joint before they decide he’s turned his life around and let him free?

Maybe he will reform himself…but I know lots of people, and none of them have stabbed a housemate to death in a drug-fueled rage. That seems like a bit of a big deal.

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  1. Braden Lynch says:

    Would any sane person ever agree to be this guy’s roommate after his release?

    Per the Brady Campaign (BC), he’s not even noticed because no firearm was used.
    They think he is as harmless as a kitten when his parole kicks in after a few years.
    If the BC really cared about violence, they would advocate for stiff prison terms.
    As the “Gun Death” files illustrate so vividly, if no gun is involved, they do not care.
    Their worthless “gun deaths” measure is merely there to damn guns as the culprit.

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