“Gun Death” iPod

Some people just love apple products…some a little too much.

A 19-year-old Bowie State University student was charged Friday with stabbing her roommate to death after the two argued over an iPod.

Even an iPhone is just a few hundred bucks and a person is now dead. Of course this is a college campus so no guns are allowed, and this isn’t a “Gun Death” because the victim was stabbed.

Nice, huh?

h/t Sarah

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  1. Roadkill says:

    You know… I couldn’t help but snerk when when I read ‘Bowie’ State University. Irony is ironic.

  2. Kristopher says:


    Did she use a Bowie knife?

  3. Randy Townsend says:

    Okay I feel the same way about my apple products that you feel about your guns. So we can call it even.

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