“Gun Death” Samurai Sword

I think there needs to be more advocacy for “Sword Death” and “Sword Violence”

A man stabbed another with a samurai sword after an argument Saturday night in a north Minneapolis apartment, police said….Sgt. Steve McCarty said Monday that in his 20 years of police work, he’s seen a samurai sword used as a weapon “maybe one, two other times. It’s not a common weapon that we see.”

Why would anybody have a Samurai sword, you can’t hunt with them! Also anybody who owns a Samurai sword is likely a dangerous criminal.

I SHOULD KNOW!!111! (I own two!) 😉

h/t Maddmedic

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  1. Chris says:

    But you CAN use them to prune trees and bushes! 🙂

  2. Groundhog says:

    Well, perhaps we could get some well healed but dumb beltway types to fund the newly formed CSSV? I mean, the Coalition to Stop Sword Violence is obviously a dire need. If it saves only one child…

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