“Gun Death” Scissors

Schools should Be Scissor-Free Zones!

A 16-year-old student at Brooklyn’s Erasmus Hall High School was charged with stabbing a fellow student repeatedly in the head with a pair of scissors, cops said Wednesday.

Students said the violence started with a penny ante basketball beef: The suspect, Chevoy Nelson, was mad because fellow student Alfredo Allen stole the ball from him during a lunchtime pickup game at the Prospect Park South school on Tuesday.

Note that Schools are Gun-Free zones in effort to reduce “Gun Deaths”.

The furious teen punched Allen in the face, then ran out to look for a weapon, witnesses said.

“He goes running around asking everyone for a weapon,” said a police source. “He goes into a classroom and asks a teacher for acid. She obviously says no, but then she gets distracted. He grabs a pair of scissors and runs back to the gym. He chases (Allen) around, stabbing him.”

Wayne Morgan, an 18-year-old senior, said, “He stabbed the guy in the head like seven times. The teacher was there, but it’s not like he let it happen. The whole thing happened in like five seconds.”

Horrified students screamed and ran as blood spilled across the gym floor.

“I saw his head wide open,” said freshman David Scott, 15, who had been playing soccer.

Weapons aren’t allowed in school, so the violent teen improvised a weapon. It’s like the person is violent and the tools are just tools.

The boy survived but it sounded like it was a VERY close call. A good man with a gun poses no danger, yet a violent teen with a pair of scissors is a danger to all around. Is there any doubt what we should be attempting to control?

h/t BLNN, the Bubblehead Les News Network.

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