“Gun Death” Severe Abuse

OK, Yesterday’s post was a light one…this one is heavy.

When Angela McAnulty spoke to a jury on Thursday she promised them that “I did not want my little girl to die.” Strange, considering that she starved, beat, and tortured her 15-year-old daughter Jeanette Maples for years until she died. The abuse and starvation was so bad that when the teenage girl finally collapsed from cardiac arrest, she only weighed 50 pounds.

Jesus! Does it make this story LESS horrific that a gun wasn’t used? Seriously! Anybody who says “Gun Death” should be ashamed of themselves.

h/t Wallphone

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  1. MiniMedic says:

    If there were the slightest bit of justice in this world, this woman would be punished in exactly the same manner she abused her daughter.

    Death is almost too merciful for this woman.

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