“Gun Death” Slasher

Remember “Gun Death” is only a relevant metric to those who hate freedom right now. Like the UK which has banned guns (and also happens to be on fire right now)the anti-freedom people will simply switch to “Knife Death” once guns are heavily restricted.

“His phone got wet and he got mad,” Foster said of the attacker. “He thought (the condo owner) did it on purpose, but he didn’t.”

The man, who police said had been drinking, became enraged. He slashed through the screen, then jerked the condo owner onto the grass before stabbing him to death, police said…The man then pulled out a knife with a 10 1/2-inch blade and tried to stab the officer, police said.

“Even as the officer is attempting to handcuff him, he reiterated several times to her, ‘I’m not going to jail,’” Cannon said.

10.5″ Knife? Maybe we should ban all knives over 10 inches. That would have stopped this brutal crime, right? That of course is the logic of the Antis. Still the purpose of the “Gun Death?” files is not only to show how invalid the term “Gun Death” is, as well as pointing out that if guns are banned brutal people will grab for other items that are NOT banned to commit brutal crimes. But also to point out the horror that is a world without guns.

Simpson pulled out her pistol and fired once during the struggle. She fell to the pavement and fired a second time, police said.

“Both missed the suspect, who then fled on foot through the complex,” Cannon said.

Simpson, who joined HPD in May 1995, was cut and bruised but wasn’t seriously injured, police said.

“She was basically fighting for her life,” Cannon said.

hopefully those missed shots found a safe backstop. Still read that bit, a female officer arresting a strong male man who obviously has some issues. He attacks her with a large knife and manages to knock her on the ground.

If she hadn’t had her duty gun, she’d probably be dead, because that certainly doesn’t sound like a winning fight to me. But a female in a compromised position scared away a larger male. Why? She had a GUN!

Now the antis will argue that cops are the magical beasts that still get to have guns.

Still I ask, what about the dead person in their condo? Think they could have used a gun, maybe fired shots when they were thrown to the ground?

h/t Whipped Cream Difficulties

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  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    Sorry, but I see at least 2 “Epic Fails” with this story. 1) The condo owner was NOT Armed (and in Texas this is INEXCUSABLE). 2) The 16 year Veteran was looking for a Man with a Knife that just did a Stabbing, and she tried to Hand Cuff him by herself? Hand-to-Hand with a Psycho by herself? Then she gets shot with her own Gun? Another example of “Only Ones” who think their Badges and their Glocks will INSTANTLY cause all the Goblins to pass out in Terror. Call it in that you might have found him, call for Back Up, and use a TAZER as a start. But to go into CQB with a Knife? Stupid.

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