Has Anybody Noticed

That when the President calls a press conference he’s always late? Now I don’t pay much attention to the dear-reader when he’s parroting TOTUS. I’ll also note that this is a non-partisan reaction, I hate prepared speeches, they are nothing but re-iterations of shit you should already know, and generous heaps of polish on turds. Also since they have been hand-crafted to make the reader look good so they will give a wide berth to any issues that are deemed problematic. This goes to the worst Pinko Leftist out there, as well as the grandest pro-liberty candidate of the people.

Still I notice this because I’m a New and Talk radio Junkie. Keeps me abreast in the issues (if I appropriately surf the right stations to avoid the partisan cheerleaders who’s shows are little more then the very crafted speeches I despise) and keeps me entertained when I find myself shuttered in a quiet lab doing monotonous tasks.

Being news stations they generally take heed to any local or national special events, Presidential Press Conferences are one of those things. And I notice so often when the President says he’ll make a 1:00 Press Conference its 1:30-2:00 before he manages to get his ass to the horn and start squawking.

Doesn’t bother me any, as I’d rather he not be on the station I’m listening to at all. Still what does it say about the President that he’s consistently half-hour to hour or more late for an event HE arranged?

Now I understand he’s the President, things can happen. Maybe a top-secret message from one of the half-dozen war fronts this “President For Peace” came in and he needed to be briefed on the issue or make an executive order. Maybe he was briefing a few key heads-of-state before the speech and some of them got a little chatty. Shit happens, and he is a high man on the totem pole, so a lot of people want his floppy ears.

But I can’t recall a press conference where the president showed up on time.

With consistency like this its almost like he thinks his time is more valuable and we have nothing better to do than watch him read from a teleprompter, and then decline questions from the Press “Corpse”.

Well with the high unemployment numbers and the stock market taking a shit, maybe he’s right…

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  1. Robert says:

    Clinton did the same thing. It appears to be a trait of Democrats.

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    Not sure if it’s just a DemoCommie Trait. Adolf Hitler used to do it all the time. Supposedly it makes the loyal minions even more agitated and aroused when you do finally walk on stage. But. it is also a trait of those who think they are “Special”, so they also like to keep the Peons waiting before they Grace them with their Presence.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I actually made it a point to leave “Late” from my house on the Blog Shoot, because I always showed up at Jay’s house wayy early, and Jay was always ready for me to arrive so we got to the range WAYY early, and yesterday it would have meant more time in the rain.

      This time I dragged my feet, and so did Jay and we just got there a bit earlier than planned.

  3. wfgodbold says:

    I don’t know what you’re talking about. Like the guy on twitter said yesterday, I’m always 45 minutes late to places in my own house.

  4. Old NFO says:

    Yep, democrap tendencies… I know for a fact the USSS has timetables for their ‘movements’ down to a minute or less, and at least with both the Bushs they pretty much kept to those… AF1 is usually +/- 30 seconds…

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  6. It’s an indication of his disdain for anyone whose name is not Barrack Hussein Obama.

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