How Gun Control REALLY Works

This story frames reality quite nicely.

The crew of a JetBlue flight making a late night jump from Boston to Newark last Friday made a bizarre and unnerving discovery as they cleaned up after the plane touched down at Newark Liberty Airport.

A stun gun was tucked into the back of one of the seats, authorities said.

A stun gun on an airplane. One of those flying things we need to go through metal detectors, have our bags X-Ray scanned, have nude pictures taken of our bodies, and have our genitals touched by functional illiterates with purple gloves.

Also note the departure and arrival. Boston and Newark. As in Massachusetts and New Jersey. Odd Stun Guns (and Tasers) are banned in both of those states.

I have no idea what the story is behind this stun gun, but obviously all the rules, regulations, 4th Amendment (as well as 2nd, Stun Guns are not firearms, and while they are known to be horribly ineffective, they ARE defensive arms, and they too shall not be infringed)as well as the multi-million dollar “Security” system that is the TSA….and yet still an illegally held stun gun in Boston got on a plane, flew through the air, and then arrived in Newark where stun guns are also illegal, and for whatever reason it was left on the plane (tho there was no further security that would have detected the contraband).

Gun Control means you don’t get the tools you need and want, but the criminals still get EVERYTHING they want.

Those who support gun control are anti-freedom and pro-criminal.

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  1. Ted N says:

    My guess is a sky marshal left it. Go team only-ones!

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I thought Obama grounded all of them.

      Also unless the report is wrong there is no self-respecting law-enforcement agency or security firm that issues stun guns, as they’re virtually ineffective and generally just cause pain, make loud noises, and cause numbness.

      Of course most people don’t know the difference between Stun Guns and Tasers (which are also ineffective, but do have SOME stopping power.) and that includes reporters.

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