How They See Us

Like most Left-wing messages there isn’t a damn fact or concrete point in there. The bottom line is the “Progressive” mentality is all about feelings, and the complete avoidance and contempt for reality.

Still she states that “Republicans Vote Against Their Best Interest” (An issue I can’t disagree with looking at the state of the party right now) because Republicans use small words.

I gotta love the projection of the left. It seems that everything they say about others is really just an admission of their own hearts. “The Republicans are lockstep, and the Democrats are a very diverse party” yeah they got both kids of Diversity, Socialist, and Marxists! (h/t to The Blues Brothers). And of course those other guys are dummies, the Left are the smarties trying the same failed 20th Century economics model that lead to the largest massacres and famines the world has ever seen.

BTW also love that traditional nature of some moonbat lefty talking about my best interests. Really tho, that’s the same reason why the right is shooting itself in the foot too. They know what our best interests are, whether we like it or not!

Guess what? Lower Taxes and Smaller Government means less busy-body idiots looking out for my “Best Interests” and more me living my life as a free man.

Foreign Concept for the party who seceded from the nation because they wanted to own black people…of course a Foreign concept for the Party that tossed the Constitution into the fire to win those states back by force.

We just have to keep fighting this battle for a bit longer, I guess…

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  1. Not only are their ideas and policies based on feelings, but also just lies. There is no motivation whatsoever for empowering people. Empowering people is the last thing they want. Total control over the population is what they are looking for and they use the ignorant “feelings” of much of the population to connive them into thinking “their” best interest and the interest of those in need is the goal. It isn’t.

    Your freedom and mine means less power for them. Not good when your greedy, selfish and power hungry.

  2. RedeemedBoyd says:

    My favorite line is:
    “Nobody …. has become wealthy on his own”

    Really? So…all those self-made millionaires out there, all those dot coms, all the people who have built something from nothing, they did it because of the government, not their own hard work?
    It’s fascinating to watch them attempt logical gymnastics that leave the mind more twisted about than a professional contortionist.
    And I wonder why I get headaches from Watching them.

  3. George says:

    “These are ideas that are easy to grasp”
    Yep, those poor nuanced lefties are left trying to explain their deep thoughts to us cousin humping rednecks.

  4. Bob S. says:

    Hey Ms. Granholm,

    Maybe your side should try “easy to grasp concepts” like “Liberty”, “Freedom”, “Less Regulation, NOT MORE”.

    I oppose many “conservative” agenda items because they violate those basic concepts — your side just has more to oppose.

    They know what our best interests are, whether we like it or not!

    I think it is worse….they are willing to force us to act in what they consider our best interests; whether we want to or not.

    And as for as your diversity —

  5. Kristopher says:

    Fanatic think. People who disagree with them are either evil or misinformed.

    There is no such thing as a difference of opinion in the fanatic’s world … you are either evil, or just another cousin humping redneck retard who we must re-educate.

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