If You Don’t Like the Taste of the Mat

…Quit being on the losing side. If they didn’t deserve it so much I’d feel bad for them.

Now CBS is getting into the game, pushing NRA-friendly talking points based on flawed readings of polling data. This morning on The Early Show, anchor Chris Wragge opened a segment on the polling by declaring that “according to a new poll, most Americans are against” gun control. Wragge claimed that this information “may surprise you.” It does, mainly because it isn’t true….CBS’ bogus report comes as Congress is debating the National-Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act, an NRA-backed measure which requires states to honor concealed carry permits issued by every other state, even when the holder would not qualify for a permit under local law. According to polling conducted by a bipartisan team of polling firms, 74 percent of likely voters oppose the legislation.

Note that like ALL anti-gun “Support” the “bipartisan team of polling firms” is a study hired by Mayors Against Illegal guns, which of course is funded by the Joyce Foundation…which is also who paid for this Media Matters article.

We call this in not just the science world, but EVERYWHERE “Conflict of Interest”. Also when the only polls that support gun control are directly funded by the Joyce Foundation, it brings to mind questions on the polling methods. Looks a lot to me like the Joyce Foundation is paying a firm to build a poll around the outcome that suits their agenda.

This argument is fatally flawed for three reasons. First, it ignores the implementation of gun violence prevention measures. In 1993, the Brady Bill was passed into law, providing for a nation-wide system of background checks to prevent criminals and the mentally unstable from getting their hands on guns. While the system is imperfect, nearly two million gun purchase applications have been denied since the bill was signed.

They keep digging up this Bogus Brady Campaign study. They’re right that nearly two million NICS checks have been denied. But of those NICS denials are often contested, and almost always the contested NICS check is is returned as “Approved”. False denials happen all the time. I’ve seen people (people who have safes FULL of guns) get a denial just because of clerical errors or name similarities. The ones I’ve seen the person just cruises around the shop for an hour or so kicking tires and shooting the breeze, and then walk out with their gun. I know a few people who had to return the next business day. I’m sure there’s the occasional guy who didn’t realize that time he got nabbed smoking a joint 20 years ago is still a valid denial, but its NOT gang bangers being turned away and deciding to apply for medical school rather than live a life of selling crack-rock.

Second, the assumption that gun ownership is actually on the rise is flawed. Gallup recorded findings of 45 percent on that question in 2003, and 44 percent in 2007. The poll has a margin of error of 4 percent. Portraying this as a significant shift doesn’t add up.

Yep, gun ownership is down, hence why gun shops are doing so well. Data from biased pro-gun source The FBI

As I’ve demonstrated they’re a bunch of liars. The reason why these bunch of liars are angry is #1: The Joyce Foundation Pays them to be angry. #2:The Joyce Foundation Pays them to be angry. and #3: The story they’re so upset about IS TRUE.

As I said at the top I almost feel bad for them…but they’re doing the work of evil, and they know it. So Screw them, and may they drown in their own tears!

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  1. MattW says:

    The nice thing about polls is that you can make them say what you want just by asking a question a specific way.

    Talking about flat out lies. I was looking at the 2010 FBI operational report and since 1998 (the first year the FBI CJIS actually started processing NICS) only 820,888 initial applications were denied. Where are the other 1.2 million in there claims?

  2. MattW says:

    “their” i need to use spell check.

    I think I found my answer to the 1.2 million other denials. The 820kthe figure is for NICS requests processed by the FBI. For NICS processed by states, those denials arent reported. What states process their own NICS? 13 states process all NICS requests and those include CA, IL, and NJ… I would assume there are a lot of denials at the state level there because of ridiculous state laws.

  3. Linoge says:

    About the only downside that could arise out of the current situation – as it stands – is that the “gun control” extremists get even more desperate and hysterical than they already are. Sean has already mentioned that he has significant concerns about Ladd loading up a rental truck with ANFO and parking it outside the NRA HQ (not very far from his house or office), and while I do not think that is a terribly likely scenario, I would not put it past the more-radical members of the anti-rights movement to employ firearms in an illegal fashion specifically intended to provide motivation for greater “gun control” legislation – act as agents provocateur, in short.

    Their public support is shrinking. Their budgets are getting smaller. Their member rolls (if they even exist) are evaporating. They cannot seem to get laws passed to save their pathetic little lives, and the only “victories” they claim are when pro-freedom legislation gets hung up… I dare say the time for drastic measures is nigh.

    Thankfully, what might deter them was the complete and utter lack of hue and cry for “gun control” after the Giffords shooting… If the attempted murder of a sitting United States Representative is insufficient to get enhanced “gun control” passed (and it is), then I shudder to think what they might decide to do in order to get it passed.

  4. Joe in PNG says:

    Taped to every Brady member’s mirror are the words “We’re Good Enough, We’re Smart Enough, and Doggonnet, the People Like Us!

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