Lost and Stolen: Only One’s

Barron sends me this story, because he obviously doesn’t like what I look like when I smile

Police Chief James M. Neiswanger said Wednesday he has suspended Sgt. John P. Hart five days without pay and ordered him to repay the city $2,000 for losing a department-issued sniper rifle.

Hart, a 17-year veteran, also has been removed as department firearms inspector, Neiswanger said.


The Remington 700 rifle went missing on Sept. 28 about 11 p.m. Hart had placed it in the back of his pickup truck and was en route to an extra-duty job. At Northampton and South streets, a driver at the intersection told Hart the tailgate on his truck was down and that’s when Hart saw the rifle was missing, Neiswanger said.

So according to his story (which is certainly questionable) he put a $2,000 Rem 700 in the back of his pickup truck and failed to close the tailgate…or failed to notice when the tailgate came unlatched, and the rifle had somehow fallen out, and been collected so fast that the alerted officers never found it? (BTW you want to talk the utilities of gun registries, this clusterfuck is the poster child. Not only is the gun likely all papered out in the Department FFL’s records, as well as issue documents to the officer, but the State Police may have skin in the registry,as like Canada, Massachusetts registers long-guns)

So even if we take his dubious story at his word, that’s some HARDCORE negligence. And what does he get? Sent to bed without supper, and he’s no longer the department firearms inspector!

Had this happened to, in the words of Mr. Pink, a “Real Person”, we’d have our permit revoked, and lose all of our guns we possessed in Massachusetts, and we’d be lucky NOT to be charged with a crime that might make it impossible to own guns even if they MOVED to free-America.

Instead this guy will still strap on a badge and a gun and go about “Protecting and Serving”. Good for him! The irony meter would be pegged if he got on the detail where he confiscated somebody’s firearms because they said something naughty on the internet.


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  1. I didn’t think you’d as much smile as possibly have a small aneurism. We must remember to bring it up to Jay tonight and see if he blows out his microphone.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Hence why I suspected you don’t like my smile, and prefer my face in a spittle-flecked snarl.

      If that’s what you wanted, that’s what you got! Thanks for the tip, as ugly as it was.

  2. Well at least it’s better than Memphis, TN SWAT (I think there were some BATFE too) where they loaded up their Tahoe with all of their MP5s and AR15s and stopped for lunch. While they were eating, someone opened their UNLOCKED Tahoe and stole plenty of select fire weapons. I don’t recall anyone getting punished at all for that little polished turd. I’m almost positive the Bureau of Artifice and Two Faced Equivocators were somehow involved in that too :P.

    Remember, they’re here to help…. in a few minutes.

    Disavowed With Honor

  3. I’m surprised they didn’t refer to that ‘sniper rifle’ as a ‘patrol rifle’.

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