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Breda found this video from a “Slut Walk”. I have mixed feelings about them. On one hand I 100% agree that people should be able to conduct themselves in public, and even have the full freedom to make an ass of themselves without fear of violence. On the other hands, they are making asses of themselves which does make the whole movement look foolish despite the very valid argument. Much like the activism against the prohibition of Marijuana that degenerates into a bunch of droopy-eyed stoners eating Fritos in in a drum circle. I like the cause, but damn you make it look a mess!

Still my post is concerning this video:

Ok let’s first take note how serious the lesson is. They are giggling and laughing, and frankly even if the moves were effective they’re not performing them in any realistic posture. According to these ladies they’re all planning on being raped by 7-foot men who will allow them to strike from a standard standing position. Uh-huh.

As Uncle Says: “Bad advice will get you killed”. I’m sure given the crowd that a not insignificant number of people might take this foolish display to heart, and if they are ever called upon to use it they will most likely fail.

Also again I will note: Show me a full-contact Martial Arts competition, preferably one that has rules for submission and knockouts (as opposed to sparing competitions where form and “contact” are scored over the actual effectiveness of an attack, like Boxing, or MMA) where women are allowed to compete head-to-head with the men.

This reminds me of Chicago’s “Just Puke On Yourself” martial art.

Carry your damn gun. If you don’t or won’t carry a gun, carry a weapon with good force multiplication. A fighting knife (FIGHTING, do NOT carry a simple pocket knife thinking you’ll be able to use it as a weapon in a time of need) or some form bludgeon or lever. Remember if you choose to avoid a gun, know you will have a drastically more difficult time subduing an attacker, and unless you’re built like an NFL Defensive Line Man, chances are good that you might be disarmed or stopped while in a melee, and your attacker will be stronger than you.

Also do NOT carry Less Lethal defensive weapons. They very often don’t work at all, and when they DO work they don’t work for long, or don’t incapacitate an attacker…and in the case of chemical sprays, you’ll likely experience some of the spray yourself, and there’s a possibility it may affect you MORE than your attacker.

As Uncle said in his post, he’s heard some REALLY stupid advice given to, and from Women about self defense. I have a friend who took some stupid class where the central “weapon” was a loud and emphatic “NO”. Yep, a word. In one of my favorite films Aliens the Marine Frost says: “Now what are we supposed to use? Harsh Language?” That was a JOKE, not a tactic, ladies!

It seems like these bullshit classes and seminars are all just magical talismans used to get the violence adverse women to clear their minds of any inconvenient truth.

STOP THE BULLSHIT! Rape, Sexual assault, and violence are REAL. By their nature they are done by people who are both strong and brutal. While some attacks and assaults happen in “Bad Areas”, if “Bad Areas” really existed, or were things that could be avoided we’d just put fences around them and warning signs and get on with our day.

If you live in reality it means you should take your safety seriously. This doesn’t mean living in constant fear, it simply means being prepared!

Be safe out there!

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  1. JD says:

    As a martial art person I have to say the worst part of this is these folks are fooling themselves. They take a day or even a few hours of a cours and think they can defend themselves.

    Sorry folks, don’t work that way. It takes years of training to get your body to react properly without thinking. These one day or weekend self defense classes are just an easy way to seperate you from your money.

    You want to learn hand to hand defensive stuff you need to join a class, and expect to do a few times a week for years to get good at it to the point you can actually use it on the street if needed. . . .

  2. mike w. says:

    ” have a friend who took some stupid class where the central “weapon” was a loud and emphatic “NO”. Yep, a word”

    In the words / photo’s of Oleg Volk, the muzzle of a gun is a “NO” emphasized.

    The fact that they were laughing & giggling over what is a deadly serious issue really rubbed me the wrong way too.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      The fact is they knew the “Bird Beak Cheering Squad” was bullshit, only problem was none of them took the issue seriously enough to call them on it.

      BTW look at the other women in the background. Seems most of them are going along with the motions because they want the group to see them playing along, and not like they’re practicing a valuable skill.

      BTW ever see a class where they teach the women to puke on themselves…..I wonder why?

  3. Chris says:

    Agreeing with you and JD these kinds of things get people hurt and killed. You can’t learn effective self defense in an hour or half hour class. It takes lots of practice to turn technique into reflex. I feel sorry for these women and others that I know that take one of these classes and somehow feel like they can defend themselves. This hour would be much better spent working on situational awareness. Several techniques and eye openers to think about can be presented in that time that could actually be useful.

  4. Harry Sucio says:

    My wife recently started Kenpo classes that include sparring, takedowns, etc. It is full contact (yet gentle). Never before has she experienced being put in a headlock, punched in the face (keep your guard up!), or having a (fake) knife to her throat . It has been very eye-opening for her – learning to fight is very difficult and a skill to be developed and honed – not something you can pick up in an hour.

    I tell her it’s like her shooting – we’ve been shooting USPSA and IDPA for about a year and a half now, and our skills have improved infinitely. You need to train martial arts for a long time to get good enough to actual beat people larger and stronger than you. The only other way you can defeat a stronger opponent is to have a weapon, but you need to train with that too.

    But the upside is, martial arts and shooting are fun, and good for your health. That is why we do it. Acquiring valuable skills is a fortunate byproduct.

  5. North says:

    Your blog title got it right: They ARE practicing Moron Martial Arts.

  6. Scribbler says:

    I agree, and expanded on some other elements here:

    Hope you don’t mind me linking to this post.

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