Nethack Geekout

“You feel a strange vibration under your feet.”

That’s a VERY good feeling!

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  1. Wally says:

    That, my good man, is the easy half of the journey!

    BTW – yesterda, one of my office neighbors commented that I was working hard based on my furious typing for most of the afternoon.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Actually with all the dungeon branches, and securing your assention kit, getting to the vibrating square is a bit past half way, and the vastly hardest part.

      After that post (and dinner) I took our Rodney, opened the gate to the sanctum, took down the high Priest (who was a bit of a bitch…Rodney’s worse, but for that reason I just wand-of-death him as soon as I see him…I’m glad I wished for one now, as I burned through two of them!) And made my way up to Medusa’s island before bedding down. Played a bit this morning and got to the plane of fire. I’ll asend tonight with a little luck.

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