Our Opposition

He’s babbling about the “Gunshow Loophole” which has nothing to do with Gun Shows, and isn’t a loophole. He also calls Gun Shows “Unregulated”. Maybe the knives, books, MREs, and surplus clothing. But the guns? I can’t think of a single car that I can’t sell in the next state over. Yet a Resident of lax-gun-law New Hampshire, attempts to sell a rifle or shotgun to a resident of Lax-Gun-Law, and next-door Vermont, that’s a Federal Felony unless they get a licensed dealer into the mix. If the gun is a handgun the gun will need to be SHIPPED from New Hampshire to Vermont via Licensed dealers for the sale to be legal.

I could go on with all sorts of other fucked up laws that apply to guns but no other goods. I wouldn’t be doing a lick of good because this guy has already decided what he knows, and has decided its true.

And all of this in the backdrop of Project Gunwalker where the guns weren’t sold at gun shows, they were sold from Dealers to ATF and FBI agents, or the ATF DEMANDED the dealers sell directly to the criminals.

What’s the point on passing another law when the criminals here are the Federal Government?

Bonus points for his stupid stuttering, and “Automatic Assault Rifles”. You are my opposition, and I know you because you are stupid.

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  1. wfgodbold says:

    I wonder if anyone takes Hank Johnson seriously any more.

    I know I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face listening to a guy who was worried that Guam would capsize.

  2. Dear lord. That was painful to listen to. Does he come from some district somewhere that people look only at his skin color before voting for him?


    OMG. Their Cook PVI is D+24! That’s like representing Red Square!

    The Voting Rights Act strikes again.

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