Our Own Police State

We all have read about this case

Full Swat Video Here. The man was a Marine Veteran, had no criminal record, and this para-military raid uncovered no contraband. Furthermore the Marine did NOT fire upon the police with his own weapon, and was found dead with the safety still engaged on his rifle.

In these parts the same thing can happen here. An FBI SWAT raid on Child Porn charges.

CHILD PORN! Seriously, kiddie porn is bad news, but its hardly easy to get rid of, especially when on a computer (deleted files need to be overwritten multiple times to be unrecoverable), and while creepy, kiddie porn offenders tend not to be armed and fortified for raids.

Jack Booted Thugs! This needs to stop!

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  1. Blackhawk101 says:

    Good luck to them but the wagons have been circled and the police/city will do everything in their power to prove a good shoot even if they have to trash his name.

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